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Preparing For The Big Day? Here Are 5 Wedding Ideas To Make It Perfect

Preparing for the Big Day? Here are 5 Wedding Ideas to Make It Perfect

Preparing for the Big Day? Here are 5 Wedding Ideas to Make It Perfect

JUN 25 2018

Planning the perfect destination wedding? Head to Grand Cayman!
Imagine getting married near transparent waters and breathtaking beaches. Serene, right?
But having a beautiful destination isn't enough. Your wedding day should be flawless. Here are 5 ideas to make sure your wedding is just as you dreamed:

Host a Beach Wedding

White sand beaches. Turquoise water. Sapphire blue skies. 
Beach weddings in Grand Cayman are the perfect place for you to declare your love for one another. Nature provides the picturesque scene, so think of all the money you will save on decor!

Incorporate Bohemian Style Decor

One of the latest trends in wedding decor is the use of greenery, which also works in sync with the beach. Using flowers in suspended arrangements, or using creepers and potted plants, will add a pop of colour as well as elegance and a delightful backdrop.

Personalised Designer Wedding Cake

A beautiful wedding calls for a beautiful cake. It's time to break free from conventional designs and opt for a designer cake that lets you customise every detail. You can personalise your wedding cake to ensure that it not only tastes delicious but is also breathtakingly beautiful. Opt for metallic accents, hand-painted floral details, feather cakes or piped icing flowers for the final stunning touch.

Bars and Food Stations

Chef stations and a bar with experienced mixologists are bound to enliven your wedding party. Consider a buffet, with certain dishes prepared to order by a chef at the station, and a bar that can accommodate guests' diverse preferences.

Dance under the Stars

For a truly magnificent wedding, why not hold your reception outdoors? Grand Cayman beach weddings are the perfect place to dig your toes in the sand and dance under the stars.

At The Wharf, we have the personnel and the experience to help you carry out the wedding of your dreams. Hosting a wedding at our beachfront restaurant in Grand Cayman guarantees you an elegant venue where you and your guests can relax and have fun as you celebrate.

We coordinate everything you envision for your special day. Our beach wedding services are personalised according to your needs.  We can help create a memorable Grand Cayman beach wedding for up to 300 guests. By working with us, you are sure to have a perfect - and most memorable - destination wedding.

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