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Planning The Perfect Destination Wedding? Head To Cayman

Planning the Perfect Destination Wedding? Head to Cayman

Planning the Perfect Destination Wedding? Head to Cayman

MAR 13 2018

Deciding on a location for your destination wedding is one of the most important decisions you will make. So why not make it easy on yourself and choose the Cayman Islands? It is one of the most picturesque destinations in the Caribbean and is one of the top locations for destination weddings. There are many choices of accommodations and excellent restaurants to suit your tastes and to ensure the comfort of family and guests.

Your Wedding in the Cayman Islands

Your “venue” can be an exquisite waterfront location in the Cayman Islands, providing an idyllic setting for your special day. If you choose an evening wedding, your backdrop will be the sun setting dreamily into the Caribbean Sea. During the days leading up to and after the event, you can enjoy the tropical climate, calm surf and white sand beaches that Grand Cayman is known for. Cayman Islands weddings are unique and elegant in every way.


Below are some of the top reasons to choose the Cayman Islands as your wedding destination:

1) Caribbean’s Best Restaurants are in Grand Cayman

Top chefs, the freshest seafood and an eclectic mix of international cuisines make Cayman restaurants the best in the Caribbean. Your wedding reception will feature a delightful beachside dining experience in Grand Cayman.

2) Expertise in All Aspects of Wedding Plans

Experts are available in every field, whether you need a wedding planner, baker, florist or photographer - or all of them! You will easily find top professionals in Cayman, who will assure that your unique wishes are being carried out, and that you will indeed have a very special event.

3) Beach Weddings

Beach weddings, of course, are most popular in the Cayman Islands. In such peaceful and exquisite surroundings - calm turquoise water, white sand, soft music, a setting sun and then twinkling stars glittering over the ocean - you and your guests will enjoy a most memorable occasion. If you prefer an indoor wedding/dining experience, that can also be easily arranged! 


Planning the Perfect Destination Wedding? Head to Cayman

Reception Ceremony with Waterfront View at The Wharf


4) Adventurous Activities

In addition to being a great wedding destination, the Cayman Islands boasts many watersports, exotic marine life and many sights away from the beach that visitors always enjoy. There are museums, shopping, botanic gardens, caves, craft and farmers markets, music and local events that you and your guests are most welcome to explore.

A Wedding Your Guests will Remember

Your destination wedding in the Cayman Islands will truly be a memorable affair. Our fine dining experience in the Cayman Islands, with capacity for up to 300 guests, goes beyond the excellent cuisine. We will help you organise your perfect beach wedding followed by a reception on our waterfront deck. From providing the decorations to finding the right menu to serve your guests, we provide personalised services according to your needs. Our meticulous planning and efficient organisation will help ensure your big day is very special.

The Wharf is a perfect location for your destination wedding in the Cayman Islands.

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