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How To Pair Cigars And Drinks For An Ultimate Dining Experience

How to Pair Cigars and Drinks for an Ultimate Dining Experience

How to Pair Cigars and Drinks for an Ultimate Dining Experience

MAY 17 2024

Much like selecting the perfect wine to accompany a gourmet meal, pairing cigars with alcoholic beverages elevates the enjoyment of both. It's a delicate dance of flavors, where each puff and sip creates a symphony of taste that tantalizes the palate and enriches every moment.

Today, we will immerse in the dynamic universe of cigar and drink pairing, exploring the nuances of zest, aroma, and texture that sing a harmonious melody on the palate. 

Whether you're a seasoned aficionado or a curious novice, uncover the secrets of crafting unforgettable dining experiences that linger long after the last puff of smoke has dissipated. 

1. What should you sip with cigars?

Finding the right drink with a cigar can make all the difference. It not only enhances the flavors of both indulgences but also offers a balanced sensory experience and creates a relaxing atmosphere with a sense of sophistication. 

Here’s how you can opt for a drink that complements the zest of your cigar:

Understanding balance

Consider cigar and beverage bodies and flavor profiles to determine the ideal accompaniment.

  • Full-bodied Cigars: These powerhouses require equally strong drinks, such as full-bodied red wines, aged whiskys, or dark rums.
  • Medium-bodied Cigars: Drinks with a mild zest work well here, like medium-bodied beers, smooth bourbon, or light red wine. 
  • Light-bodied cigars: Delicate smokes call for something subtle, like crisp white wines, pilsners, or young and un-oaked whiskys.

Flavorful symphonies

Apart from the body, explore how flavors of different beverages can match the choice of your cigar. 

  • Complimenting: Pairing chocolate cigars alongside coffee-infused liquors or even dark rums can create a fantastic balance between the two. For a few, it might seem overpowering, but combining them can create harmony on one’s palate.
  • Contrasting: If you are smoking something peppery, sample sweeter drinks, such as port wines, with fruity cocktails. Each will highlight its specific characteristics, creating excitement and enjoyment without overwhelming your taste buds. 

Finding your best fit 

A quick reference table is detailed below to help you “Find the One” among the world of excellent choices.


Cigar BodyBeverage OptionsFlavor Profile Examples
Full-bodiedAged Rum, Bold Cabernet Sauvignon, Vintage BourbonDark chocolate, molasses, leather, spice
Medium-bodiedAmber Ale, Smooth Bourbon, Pinot NoirCaramel, vanilla, cedar, earth
Light-bodiedPilsner, Sauvignon Blanc, Irish WhiskyCitrus, floral, grass, pepper

2. Best after-dinner cigars

Following a delectable dinner, the selection of a cigar can make or break your entire dining experience. You will need a smoke that will complement the flavors of dinner without masking them.

Here are some recommendations for cigars you can have after dinner:

  • Maduro Cigars: These cigars are wrapped in dark and sweet tobacco leaves cured in a unique way as compared to others. Their wrapper imparts robust and complex flavors of chocolate and nuts. Hence, they pair nicely with dessert wines or an aged rum served in a snifter.
  • Dominican Cigars: These cigars have been a beloved choice for being smooth and mellow. They are ideal when you want something light after a hearty meal. Their creamy texture doesn’t subdue the taste buds but offers a sweet contrast to keep things interesting.
  • Nicaraguan Cigars: Nicaraguan smokes have bolder notes than those from Dominican Cigars. Yet they offer a smooth puffing experience and pair fantastically with port wine or dark chocolates.

3. Best drinks to have with a cigar

Beyond whisky and rum, below are a few drinks that can accentuate the intricate flavors of cigars:


Bourbon: A traditional match for cigars — Bourbon can have diverse taste notes depending on age and barrel char. New-age bourbons with caramel and vanilla notes marry well with lighter-bodied cigars, while older ones with deeper oak and spice flavors are a “Match made in heaven” to full-bodied smokes.

Tip: While the whisky menu offers different variants, enhance your after-meal experience by sipping the whisky first and then puffing. 


Aged Rum: Similar to bourbon, aged rum offers a range of complexities. Darker, aged rums with hints of molasses, toffee, and dried fruit make great partners for Maduro cigars. For lighter-bodied cigars, savor a golden rum with vanilla or citrus-flavored desserts.

Tip: Many restaurants in the Cayman Islands (known for their Caribbean influence) have impressive rum collections. You can select full-bodied cigars with full-bodied rum.


Red Wine: If you’re smoking a full-bodied cigar, pair it with a full-bodied wine such as a Cabernet Sauvignon or Bordeaux. The strong tannins and dark berries offer intense flavors, along with resveratrol for controlling inflammation in the body

Dessert Wine: Sauternes or Port wines are excellent companions alongside the profound flavors of a cigar since they are sweet in nature. 

Tip: Choose a wine with low acidity from the wine menus when visiting cigar lounges. 


Porters and stouts: These dark beers provide deep, malty flavors that pair well with full-bodied cigars. Their chocolate, coffee, and roasted barley notes create accord between both luxuries.

Belgian Ales: Belgian Beer’s complex flavors are a match with an array of stogies. Look out for spicy, fruity, or peppery notes, as they would serve as exciting counterpoints against the smokiness discovered in specific cigars.

Ditch the tradition

When it comes to pairing cigars with drinks, the sky’s the limit — Here are a few additional ideas:

Coffee: A classic coffee can cleanse the palate and help bring out the earthy or nutty flavors of numerous stogies. Go for a medium roast coffee to not to suppress the zest of the cigar.

Cognac & brandy: These smooth brandies are an opulent match with full-bodied cigars, offering a splendid blend of richness, fruitiness, and oakiness.

Cocktails: Pairing cocktails with cigars is an art. It involves selecting ingredients that complement the robust flavors of the smoke. It is suggested to choose an old-fashioned caramel or cherry-infused concoction to reach a new level of sophistication. 

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