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Raise Spirits With Vigorous Cigar Pairings

Raise Spirits with Vigorous Cigar Pairings

Raise Spirits with Vigorous Cigar Pairings

MAY 16 2023

Humans are driven to experiment.

Indulging in the art of flavor pairing is a true delight for some of us, as we relish the intricate dance of taste and texture when carefully chosen beverages accompany delectable dishes. 

And for those with a refined palate, the joy of pairing doesn't end with food and drink alone - for they also know the sheer pleasure of matching premium cigars with libations that complement their rich, nuanced flavors. 

From the warm embrace of a fine whiskey to the velvety smoothness of cognac and everything in between, the possibilities for indulgence are endless.

Smoking a cigar in one hand while sipping a glass of your choicest liquor is a luxury everyone likes to enjoy with a group of friends or even alone, especially when a good old classic is playing in the background. 

No one knows the art of cigar pairings from the beginning, but experiencing and enjoying cigars moments can help you make the right choice. 

A strong drink never fails to impress with a light-bodied cigar. Match the intensity and flavors; either you can choose contrasting flavors or go with identical flavors. 

Do it multiple times, and you’ll figure out what works best for you. 

What are Cigar Pairings?

Cigar pairings simply mean pairing cigars with premium liquors.

Many connoisseurs consider whiskey as the ideal option; however, cigars pair fantastically with a variety of beverages depending on their strength, flavor, and origin. 

Some may also suggest you to blend it with aged rum or sparkling water. 

When pairing the best drinks with cigars, you must check whether the beverage complements each other, which enriches the prevailing flavor. It’s all about the right blend!

What Drinks to Pair with Cigars?


Whiskey is everyone’s first choice for cigar smokers. 

It is made with a lot of creativity, expertise, and hues of flavors. The same can be said for cigars.

Choose the whiskey that matches your smoke. 

Whiskey lovers and cigar aficionado hone their skills by using their senses of smell and taste to create a perfect palate. 

Try a definitive, fruity, simple Scotch like The Glenliver with a Dominican Davidoff Signature. 

If you want to go heavy on taste with a pinch of luxury and spice, pour yourself a hearty Old Rip Van Winkle 10 years with Cuban Cohiba or Arturo Fuente Opus X. 

The secret sauce to pair whiskey with cigars begins by pairing full-bodied cigars with a robust whiskey such as Macallan 1824 Ruby. 

If you are into American whiskey, Caravel Petit Corona will go perfectly with this royal drink with a sweet taste. 


Round wines and cigars go hand-in-hand due to various characteristics like their aroma, terroir, aging, and vibrant flavors. 

The wine acid is different from other alcohols. It is quite soothing to the taste buds, and thus it blends well with the acidity in cigars. 

A full-bodied wine that improves with age creates a great rhythm with a full-bodied cigar like port wine or Brunello di Montalcino. 

More potent and darker cigars give a better taste when paired with equally strong red wines like a Dominus or a Monster California Cabernet. 

The premium wine list of an expansive choice of nearly 900 wines that are chosen by the expert and winemakers with whom we’ve developed long-lasting relationships. 

You must indulge in some of the premium wines of Cayman. Also, our wine enthusiast will suggest a well-crafted and unique wine list during your visit to the Wharf. 


There are also cigar aficionados who prefer rum and coffee with flavorful cigars. 

Spice rum develops a flawless combination with cigars due to its spicy and sweet undertones.

There are also some regions that produce sugar which is a genuine companion to cigars. 

Most rums have identical flavors, like caramel and vanilla, with a richness of sugar cane. 

Choose rich and earthy Nicaraguan cigars with compatriot rum like Flor de Cana. Similarly, Havana Club is the perfect foil for Cuban cigars


After whiskey, brandy is one of the prominent selections for pairing drinks. 

The richness of dark fruits and the depth of flavor, and its sweet texture are an ideal fit for a stronger cigar. 

Due to their vibrant flavor profiles, brandy is a good choice if you have recently started exploring cigar pairings. 

Some of the finest restaurants in Cayman have wide assortments of Cognac and Brandy, which will surely relish your quest for classic alcohol. 

You can also try various non-alcoholic drinks like Mojitos and Coca-Cola with the cigars of your choice. 


Like cigars, tequila comes in various styles. 

Blanco has a very precise and strong taste which blends well with equally powerful cigars.

If you are looking for a smoother taste, you must try Reposado, which tastes amazing with more decadent cigars. 

The aging process of tequila gives a smooth and complex profile that complements an aged cigar. 


The warming combination of coffee and Irish whiskey would make a perfect pair with a rich cigar.

You can also go with a bitter cocktail like an Aperol Spritz that gels up with creamy and smooth flavors.

Coffee-based cocktails like an Espresso Martini or Black Russian are perfect for cigars with chocolatey and rich tones.

Cocktails like Cuba Libre pair magically with a strong cigar. 


Expert aficionados consider water as the ultimate drink, and for them, nothing works better than an unadulterated drink.

You can try various cigars with sparkling water, as its bubbles can dramatically enhance the taste.


Effective Tips to Pair Cigars and Drinks

Here are certain tips for you to make that sumptuous blend;


  • Ensure your drink has an ideal temperature. For instance, when your whiskey is too chilled, it can make the cigar taste sour.
  • Make sure you cut the cigar correctly and choose the right glass for your favorite alcoholic drink. 
  • As the taste and intensity of cigars change with time, you must choose a drink that suits this blend.
  • You must avoid white spirits like gin and vodka and use strong spirits like single-malt whiskey and bourbon to uplift the cigar's taste. 

Experiment with Your Picks

Aficionados always believe that high-quality cigars can be enjoyed best when paired with premium drinks.

It is indeed fascinating to experiment with different cigars & drinks to discover more about cigar pairings. 

To learn and unlearn about various captivating drinks & explore the world of great alcohol, head over to The Wharf.

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