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Digestifs - What Are They And Where To Enjoy Them In Cayman

Digestifs - What Are They and Where to Enjoy Them in Cayman

Digestifs - What Are They and Where to Enjoy Them in Cayman

APR 26 2018

After an evening of enjoying the best food in the Cayman Islands, it’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy a digestif. These alcoholic beverages are served after a meal to aid digestion, as the name suggests, and their little bit of sweetness is a great way to end the meal. As opposed to aperitifs, digestifs like Cognac or cream sherry, are the pre-dinner drinks that stimulate your appetite and are usually dry and end your meal on a comforting note. The best way to enjoy a digestif is to find a comfortable spot, preferably a waterfront view and savour the warming effect of the elixir.

Digestifs - A Brief History

Digestifs, similar to aperitifs, are centuries old. Initially used for curing ailments of all kinds, digestifs became popular after-dinner drinks in the 18th century. They are produced predominantly in Italy and France, using herbs, spices and other plants, and have a higher alcohol content than aperitifs. Some are used to soothe a sensitive or upset stomach. 

Different Kinds of Digestifs

Many kinds of digestifs are available at restaurants in Seven Mile Beach, including fortified wines, brandy, liqueurs and some cocktails. Cognac, a distilled brandy named after a town in France, is one of the most popular digestifs. 

Fortified wines include sweet sherry, vermouth, port and madeira. Digestifs are typically enjoyed neat.

Premium Wines and Liquors at Our Waterfront Restaurant

Grand Cayman dining is a savoury treat for those with a discerning palate. We have a collection of more than 500 premium wines in Cayman, including fortified wines. We offer a host of digestifs, including Grappa, Limoncello, Sambuca, Dubonnet and Grand Marnier. 

Come for dinner, stay for a digestif, and enjoy the ambience of our waterfront restaurant.

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