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5 Fascinating Things You Probably Didn't Know About Cognac

5 Fascinating Things You probably didn't know about Cognac

5 Fascinating Things You probably didn't know about Cognac

FEB 23 2018

Cognac, a drink named after the town of the same name in France, is denominated as the king of digestion and is a popular drink often complemented with or consumed after-dinner in the restaurants of Grand Cayman. Cognac is considered as one of the finest, if not the finest, spirits.

For a distilled brandy to be eligible to carry the tag of Cognac, there are some requirements. The most particular one is that it must be prepared from specified grapes, of which Ugni Blanc is most widely used, which also separates it from Armagnac wine that uses Baco Blanc.

A Brief History of Cognac

It can be said that Cognac came into existence out of necessity in the seventeenth century. In the Cognac town of France, wine and salt were exported majorly to English and Dutch. In order to protect the quality of spirit in the voyage, it was distilled and then was sent back to the still again. This was known as ‘burnt wine’, which was then stored in the oak barrels. Later, the vintners discovered its improved quality with age. The first man to follow this procedure was Chevalier de la Croix-Marrons.


The spirit got its name ‘Cognac’ only in 1783. The maturation process of Cognac is similar to that of whiskeys and wine and is sometimes kept in the barrel above the minimum requirement. Cognac is distilled twice in a copper pot still and is aged for two years in French oak barrels. The best Cayman restaurants offer the customers with premium quality Cognac.

5 Fascinating Facts You didn’t Know about Cognac

Cognac is not only enjoyed as a drink but is also sometimes used in cooking and splashed over the dishes for presentation. The Cayman wine shops serve this soothing and unwinding brandy in the company of a beautiful view. For connoisseurs of wine, nothing would be more intriguing than to know the below rare facts about Cognac.

1) Classification of Cognac is Indeed Simple

There are basically 3 common tiers of Cognac - VS, VSOP, & XO which are separated on the basis of their age, expense, and quality.

V.S or Very Special has been aged for at least 2 years. VSOP has been aged for at least 4 years and stands for Very Superior Old Pale, whereas XO or Extra Old has been aged for at least 6 years. Simple enough, isn’t it?

2) Darker Colour = Older Cognac

The colour of Cognac signifies its age. Younger Cognacs are lighter and honeyed colour whereas the older ones tend to take on a darker amber hue of oak barrels in which they are aged. Hence, the darker the colour, the older is the Cognac.

3) How’s Cognac? ‘Rancio’

Ask any Cognac connoisseurs about the taste of aged and premium quality Cognac and you will get ‘rancio’ in a reply. What exactly is Rancio?

In Spanish, this word usually refers to funky, earthy and umami quality that expensive Cognac flaunts.

4) Strict Laws for Cognac Production

There are certain laws that are quite inflexible when it comes to preparing Cognac. To state a few:

  • Cognac must be distilled (only from November to March) twice in copper pot stills carrying particular shape and configuration.
  • It must be made from Ugni Blanc or a combination of three kinds of grapes - Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche, and Colombard.
  • Cognac must be aged for at least two years and only in the French oak barrels.


The Oak Barrels for Cognac

The Oak Barrels for Cognac


5) Not particularly Embraced by French

Even though it was discovered by French people and can’t produce enough for the foreign consumers, only around 3% people of France consume the spirit and rest are rather indifferent towards it.

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