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A Restaurant Beyond The Beach: Explore Fine Dine In Cayman

A Restaurant Beyond the Beach: Explore Fine Dine in Cayman

A Restaurant Beyond the Beach: Explore Fine Dine in Cayman

JUN 23 2023

In a tug-of-war between those who believe that good food defines a restaurant or ambiance, we will strike a balance by exhibiting that you can find both aspects right at the Wharf. 

For 33 years, we have been basking in the glory of serving mouthwatering local and international delights with sunset rippling over the calm turquoise waters of the Caribbean. 

Wait up! This is merely the tip of the iceberg. 

The Wharf has so much to offer, and we are sure that our readers are equally excited to know about it. 

Without further ado, let’s walk you through the behind-the-scenes and the front-row spectacle of Wharf. 

Dockside Doodles: Sketching the Paths of Our Elegant Montage

Waterfront Dining 

The first and most unique side of our restaurant is the waterfront seating. As soon as you step up on our waterfront deck, you will be smitten by the warm, vivid sunset orange hues reflecting upon the surging waves crashing against the rocks! 

You can savor every bit of this magical view with your friends, family, and especially your loved one. Do you know what makes it even better? Gourmet cuisine and vintage wine. 

Our restaurant in Cayman is known for its tapestry of flavors and vintage wine collection, which is sure to give you a sensory bliss and cosmic flavor voyage. 

Indoor Dining

Here comes the next and the second most preferred spot of our restaurant — Indoor Dining. This space is perfect for hosting dinner parties and can comfortably seat up to 130 people. Of course, if you have more folks joining up, the waterfront deck is always open for you. Pun intended!

The indoor dining share a balanced acoustic ambiance with hardwood flooring and classic yet relaxed seating. The setting is fully air-conditioned for those who want to beat the heat. 

As for the food, you can choose the starters, main course, and mouthwatering confectionery of your choice. If you get confused and can’t make a choice, don’t worry. You can always trust our chef’s choice. He will serve you the most delicious creations the season has to offer.

Indoor and Outdoor Bar

What could be the best possible ending to a tiring and hectic day? Happy Hour, and which is the ideal way to enjoy after-work specials? Driving your way to the Wharf. 

Our space highlights discounted drinks and authentic Grand Cayman food while offering a relaxed and convivial atmosphere for friends, colleagues, and even strangers alike to vibe and socialize. 

Beach Wedding Venue

We told you, Wharf has numerous things to offer, and a beach wedding venue is the cherry on top. If you are soon-to-be-weds and looking for a pristine shore, sparkling waters, and picturesque landscapes as the backdrop, our wedding venue is for you!

Like you, we truly care about your special day, which is why our venue is ideal for tying the knot and celebrating a joyous ceremony. 

The venue can seat up to 300 guests, and we can personalize the services according to your needs. From choosing the right menu to serve your guests to the last romantic slow dance, you are guaranteed to receive impeccable services, personal attention, and expert assistance. 

Corporate and Party Venue

Every event is different; why does the venue remain space? Our last but definitely not the least venue is suitable for personal and professional occasions. 

Since the advent of 1988, we have been hosting endless corporate events and parties on the waterfront deck close to the private beach. Today, we are open to outdoor as well as indoor settings, including an array of services like decor, entertainment, photography/videography, AV, fireworks, additional tent setup, and more. 

We also have professional-grade multimedia equipment such as projectors, 110 electric drop-down screens, an amplifier/mixer followed by a 120-watt sound system, wireless and wired microphones, and a large TV screen. 

Every party is incomplete without good food, refreshing drinks, and palatable desserts. Likewise, Wharf has got you covered there as well! You can customize the menu according to your preferences. From appetizers to drinks to entrees and swoon-worthy desserts, we have assortments to satisfy the palate of your guests. 

Dine with a View: A Symphony of Taste and Vistas with Wharf

In addition to the exceptional venue and dining spaces mentioned above, we invite you to experience fine dining in Cayman by relishing our authentic seafood and Caribbean delights

We have numerous fresh dishes such as Ceviche of the Day, Cracked Conch, Lobster Tempura, Baked Salmon, Filet Mignon, and many more. 

Our executive chef, Christian Reiter, and his team of international and trained chefs use the freshest ingredients and local spices to prepare the best food in the Cayman Islands. You can pair the dish with your favorite wine from our collection. We have an extensive choice of nearly 900 premier wines. 

Wharf also presents you with a cocktail, tapas, spirits, whiskey, and a special menu for your little ones. 

Ready to Savor the Flavors and Soak the Panorma

We hope the above read has made you eager to visit us and taste our magnificent Caribbean cuisine with a view. 

What are you waiting for? Contact us at +1 (345)-949-2231 or mail us at to book a table. 

Besides the events and fine dining, we host multiple events and celebrations throughout the year. This June, we have a special event called Tarpon Feeding every day till the 30th. 

Furthermore, we also have other music events such as Salsa Tuesdays every Tuesday and Boogie Nights on Friday, 30th June. 

You can reserve your seat by visiting our website

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