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Sip And Refresh In Cayman 6 Can't-Miss Cocktails At Wharf

Sip and Refresh in Cayman 6 Can't-Miss Cocktails at Wharf

Sip and Refresh in Cayman 6 Can't-Miss Cocktails at Wharf

MAY 25 2023

Immersing in the flavors of cocktails is sheer euphoria, especially when you are in the heart of the Western Caribbean, the Cayman Islands. From delicate to strong and floral to sweet and fruity, the Islands has a vibrant and diverse range of tipples for everyone’s liking.

Our restaurant is an ideal representation of this testimony. We serve an array of classic tropical drinks prepared using fresh local ingredients. You can savor your favorite cocktail with your partner, friends, or family while witnessing the spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea from our waterfront bar. 

Ready to quench your thirst and rejuvenate your summer spirit? Read below to choose your perfect sundowner!


Beat the Heat with these 6 Cocktails at The Wharf

Sip and Refresh in Cayman 6 Can't-Miss Cocktails at Wharf
  • Berry Bliss

Oh, this is “so berry” good!

Because of its refreshing mixture of ingredients like lemon simple syrup and muddled wild berries, this fruity and tangy cocktail is then infused with Grey Goose, a premium French vodka, followed by a splash of Ginger Beer, a sweet and carbonated non-alcoholic drink, to make it an ultimate summer sipper. 

Lastly, the drink is garnished with whole sprigs of Rosemary. This fruity punch is perfect for a lazy afternoon or when you are soaking up the sunshine and breathing the fresh summer air.

Pairing Berry Bliss with BBQ is also a great idea to experience a burst of flavors in your mouth. 


  • Sparkling Sea

The Sparkling Sea cocktail is as sparkly as the Caribbean Ocean. This is no ordinary cocktail. It is like a mini-vacation in a glass, prepared with Prosecco, an Italian sparkling wine produced in a dry brut style, and Peach Liqueur, made by fermenting peaches, distilling it into eau de vie (an unaged brand) and adding sugar to add the touch of sweetness. 

This intoxicating drink is then blended with a strawberry puree and garnished with fresh leaves of mint at the top. This refresher will pair well with seafood dishes and salads. 

Looking to fine dine in Cayman that highlights gorgeous sights of ocean and horizon spreading its hues? Visit our premium waterfront restaurant. Our executive chef, Christian Reiter, with his international team of well-trained chefs, will delight your palate with their freshest and most delicious creations. 

From Seafood to Salads to delicious appetizers, our chefs will cater to you with the best food in the Cayman Islands. 


  • Local Notion

As the name suggests, this spectacular cocktail is prepared using local ingredients like Seven Fathoms Rum, the golden rum of Cayman, and Local Mint. The drink is later mixed with fresh and tender coconut water and Ginger Beer, followed by Basil infused soda water. 

This cocktail is the perfect representation of the Cayman Islands in a glass. Each sip will give you a picture of the rich culture and make you feel like you are strolling through the Islands. It has vibrant and bold flavors, which are known to be the local spices of Cayman. The drink can be typically enjoyed with Cayman-style fish, spicy Caribbean-style chicken and pork dishes, or grilled or roasted veggies. 

Believe us and indulge yourself in Local Notion. Your taste buds will thank us after sipping this delicious cocktail. 


  • Spiked Mango Michelada

Summers are all about mangoes, and what’s better than having them in the form of drinking? Spiked Mango Michelada is sweet, tangy, and spicy - basically exuding a tropical vibe. 

This cocktail is a blend of mango puree, fresh lime juice, and scotch bonnet, one of the hottest pepper in the world, infused with silver Patron, the finest Tequila around the globe, which is poured over clear ice cubes. To finish it off, the cocktail is topped with Caybrew, a full-bodied premium beer, and served with a Cayenne salted rim.  

This chilled cocktail will spice up your life and tantalize your taste buds with a union of unique flavors. You can pair this amazing drink with grilled or roasted meats and spicy or tangy Ceviche or Shrimp Cocktail.


  • The Wharf Mojito 

This classic cocktail is simple yet extremely refreshing, made using fresh muddled mint leaves, mint & lemon syrup. Later mixed with Havana Club 7-year Rum, a flavorful and sophisticated Cuban Rum followed by a splash of Pink Guava Puree. This cocktail is like a refreshing sea breeze on a hot sunny day. The zest of lime, mint, and Rum is sure to lift your spirits. 

The Wharf Mojito is known to be the best in the Wharf’s cocktail menu. You’ll love sipping this cocktail while catching the glimmering sights of the ocean. Seafood, jerk chicken wings, and grilled meats like beef or chicken skewers would go hand in hand with the light, fresh, and zesty flavors of this mojito. 


  • Brazilian Night

Samba your way into the flavors of Brazil because the Brazilian Night cocktail is here! This exotic drink will give you a glimpse and its unique side with every sip. It is prepared using Cachaca, a Brazilian white rum that is blended with muddled berries and fresh limes and finally topped with simple syrup to give you a sugar rush. This drink will be the best to sip on Salsa Tuesdays, where you can savor its delicious taste while grooving your hips and feet on the Latin hits of. 

This refreshing cocktail in the Cayman Islands is exotic and lively, so dishes like grilled meats, spicy appetizers, and colorful salads would be ideal for enhancing its Brazilian flair. 


Drinks by the Deck: Relish The Wharf Cocktails with a Twist


We hope you have discovered your one true cocktail in our menu. So, what are you waiting for? Head to the Wharf to unwind and indulge in a little bit of luxury. To reserve a table, call us at +1 (345)-949-2231, or you can drop us an email at

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