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“Yummy for Your Kids’ Tummy!”

“Yummy for Your Kids’ Tummy!”

27 Aug 18


“Yummy for Your Kids’ Tummy!�


Restaurants in the Grand Cayman are known for the eccentric cuisines they serve. The Wharf is one of the restaurants in the Cayman Islands located by the transcendental Caribbean Sea. It is an ideal place for fine dining and has a range of delicious food for adults and has an exclusive menu for kids.

The kids generally love specific types of food – mostly rich and creamy. Belonging to the contemporary world, kids mostly love pasta and spaghetti. Pasta is a complete food in terms of proteins, nutrients and above all – TASTE! The Wharf’s Rasta Pasta and Sea Shells are among the best food in the Cayman Islands to satisfy your kids’ love for starchy food. Rasta Pasta is made from linguini pasta and served with meat sauce to tantalize your taste buds, and Sea Shells had pasta shells with tomato sauce to give it a sweet and tangy flavor.

Kids have particular love for fried items and thus love our Fish Sticks – breaded local mahi-mahi, french fries. Fish sticks seem closer to chicken nuggets in appearance, less the shape. For kids who love mozzarella sticks, our Fish Sticks are perfect to serve as their meal. The seafood cuisine is one of the best foods in the Cayman Islands. Apart from the seafood delicacies, chicken is all time favorite of most people – and more specifically Chicken Nuggets when it comes to kids! The Wharf’s chicken tenders flavored with our secret spices will complement your dinner table, and your kids are deemed to love it!

“The Wharf has much more to offer!”

Kids usually aren’t fond of salads, but our Caesar Salad is one of its kind. Especially included in the Kids' menu, its recipe is a careful fusion to be liked by your little ones. The Caesar Salad is itself a delicious meal with all the nutrients one would need. It includes romaine lettuce, croutons, parmesan cheese, lemon juice, olive oil, egg and much more. You can also add grilled chicken in your salad to make your meal as per your desire. The restaurants in the Cayman Islands are known for the mouthwatering dishes they serve – it can be a seafood option or any salads – the Caymanians just nail them!

Not only do the Caymanians specialize in salads, but The Cayman Islands has the most delectable shrimp dishes to offer to the locals and the tourists. The Wharf offers breaded shrimps with the sour tartar sauce and vegetables, known as the CAYMAN'S GOLD TREASURE – a must have on your visit to the Cayman Islands.

Apart from your kids enjoying the meal, they may engage in other activities at “The Wharf.” Tarpon feeding at The Wharf restaurant is favourite. This activity takes places every Monday at 7:00pm and 9:00 pm. It’s a fun time for kids to feed the impressive and majestic species who linger by the waterfront.

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