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“Yummy for Your Kids’ Tummy!”

“Yummy for Your Kids’ Tummy!”

27 Aug 18


'Yummy for Your Kid's Tummy!'

Not only do the Caymanians specialize in salads, but The Cayman Islands has the most delectable shrimp dishes to offer to the locals and the tourists. The Wharf offers breaded shrimps with the sour tartar sauce and vegetables, known as the CAYMAN'S GOLD TREASURE – a must have on your visit to the Cayman Islands.

Apart from your kids enjoying the meal, they may engage in other activities at “The Wharf.” Tarpon feeding at The Wharf restaurant is favourite. This activity takes places every Monday at 7:00pm and 9:00 pm. It’s a fun time for kids to feed the impressive and majestic species who linger by the waterfront.

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