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Why The Cayman Islands Are The Culinary Capital Of The Caribbean?

Why the Cayman Islands are the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean?

Why the Cayman Islands are the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean?

JAN 11 2019

While many of the islands in the Caribbean have sought to claim renown as the culinary capital of the region, the Cayman Islands have been recognized with this title for more than a decade, according to the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism.

Tourism officials note that the culinary offerings on island have earned international recognition in such publications as Forbes, Food & Wine, USA Today, Vogue magazine and the Robb Report, among others. In addition, Cayman’s culinary team brought home gold medals from the 2018 Caribbean National Culinary Competition in Miami.

The local cuisine is hailed for its variety of flavors, the freshest fish (the “sea-to-table” experience) and most flavourful produce (the farm-to-table experience), as well as a growing Slow Food movement. Restaurateurs take great pride in working with local fishermen and farmers to bring the very best ingredients to all customers. According to tourism officials, there are more than 200 restaurants across the three Cayman Islands. They offer diverse culinary experiences to please every palate.

One of the best restaurants in the Cayman Islands, The Wharf, proudly offers some of the best local food in Grand Cayman, the largest of the three islands. Situated along the popular Seven Mile Beach corridor, The Wharf has been known for fine dining for 30 years, as well as for its extensive list of premium wines in the Cayman Islands.

Kudos to the chefs for their expertise in creating excellent dishes from the freshest ingredients, including lobster, Cayman turtle steak, Angus beef, and the restaurant’s signature dish, basil and pistachio nut-crusted sea bass. For the best seafood in the Cayman Islands, The Wharf can’t be beat! Keeping the restaurant at the top of the culinary list are such entrees as, local mahi mahi, local catch of the day served grilled, blackened or Caribbean style, seared scallops, as well as chicken, lamb, salmon and surf and turf.

The eclectic list of dishes is not confined to entrees. The restaurant also offers a Caribbean-inspired tapas menu and local and international beers.

No meal is really complete without dessert, and The Wharf boasts such sumptuous selections as a Caribbean innovation – a coconut ice cream sandwich – as well as warm chocolate cake, vanilla crème brulee, signature streusel with ice cream, and a salted caramel “temptation” with hazelnuts, chocolate mousse and pistachio sauce.

And since many believe that a well-rounded culinary experience should include fine wines, our waterfront restaurant in Grand Cayman features a choice of nearly 800 wines by the bottle, from many of the best wine-growing regions of the world. Wines by the glass are also available.

Exceptional food, wines and desserts are certainly hallmarks of the best waterfront restaurant, but don’t overlook the fact that The Wharf also features the best beach bar in the Cayman Islands. Enjoy happy hour, live music, free salsa lessons and more at our Ports of Call oceanside bar. Come visit and find out firsthand why the Cayman Islands are indeed the culinary capital of the Caribbean!

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