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Traditional Cayman Foods To Make Your Christmas All The Merrier

Traditional Cayman Foods to make your Christmas all the merrier

Traditional Cayman Foods to make your Christmas all the merrier

DEC 26 2017

Christmas is not just a time in the year! It is the magic in the air that brings a smile to every face and warms the heart. It’s family, friends, and loved ones coming together to celebrate that gives you that cozy feeling that make you forget your cares, mingled with the delicious aromas of the foods that defines Christmas in the Cayman Islands. Well known for its culinary delight, the Cayman Islands offers mouthwatering surprises for gourmets and foodies alike-to make your Christmas memories a delight.


The closest we get to resemble a white Christmas in the Cayman Islands is the fine powdery white sand on our many beaches. For Caymanians, Christmas is a time for celebration with family and friends- new and old, and the perfect opportunity to feast on mouthwatering island cuisine.

What are traditional Caymanian Christmas Delicacies?

A Cayman Christmas is not complete without delicious traditional foods like stewed turtle, turtle steaks, roast and stewed beef, lobster and conch. For desert, its heavy cakes and our world famous rum cake, served with sorrel drink or eggnog. Rum drinks are popular on our islands and our excellent bartenders can mix your special cocktail or our island favorites. Our extensive Menu offers traditional Caymanian delicacies alongside cuisine from North America and Europe. A Cayman Island Christmas experience is filled with cool island vibes and friendly hospitality to nourish your holiday spirit.

Today beef is a staple for Christmas dinner. In the old days, beef was expensive and only served on special occasions. Caymanians would save up money for the whole year to buy it to serve at the Christmas meal. It is a custom and holds an important place at the table along with the other traditional Christmas cuisine of the Cayman Islands.

Stewed Turtle is the national dish of the Cayman Islands, so it comes as no surprise that it is also a traditional Christmas delicacy. Turtling dates as far back to the 17th century. Historically Caymanian fishermen caught turtles in the wild for both export and local consumption. A popular item on our menu is Turtle Steak-if you have not yet indulged, try it, you are sure to enjoy it.


Cayman Christmas Cuisine

Cayman Christmas Cuisine


Make this Christmas special and different. Leave the mundane behind and plan an exciting trip to Cayman. The natural beauty, rhythm and island hospitality will refresh and revive your spirits. The Cayman Islands is the perfect treasure island for a globetrotter and a food lover, offering breathtaking views and tempting cuisine for the most discerning of palates. There are many places to dine, but to enjoy authentic island cuisine a visit to The Wharf Restaurant is a must. You and your loved ones can enjoy a memorable Christmas dinner paired with fine wines from our carefully chosen menu, served alongside the beautiful picturesque Caribbean Sea. There is a reason why the food and hospitality of the Cayman Islands is preferred over others in the Caribbean. Visit to experience it for yourself!

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