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The Importance Of Serving Wine To The Guests In The Right Way

The Importance of Serving Wine to the Guests in the Right Way

The Importance of Serving Wine to the Guests in the Right Way

MAR 01 2017

Cayman Islands is often termed as Culinary Capital of the Caribbean. Due to this Caribbean influence with the diverse mix of other foreign cultures, the wine culture here, especially in the Cayman Islands has greatly evolved in the last two decades with the skills of how you are served and treated with the exquisite drink.

Handling wine and its serving is considered an important affair in the Cayman wine culture, especially in Cayman Islands Weddings & Events. Every steward should know the correct procedure to serve wine. Procedure/process includes from setting the right temperature of wine and opening the bottle to pouring the wine into the appropriate wine decanter and glasses.

Whether you’re serving wine in a fine dine restaurant along Seven Mile Beach or in any other restaurant, be it any wedding reception, or any other upscale event to organise and celebrate, there are some etiquettes and tips which will help you professionally in any food service setting.

These etiquettes of serving the wine becomes even more important when it comes to the Cayman Islands Weddings. Have a look at these simple steps to make your guest tempt with the best sommelier for being the best host ever.


Temperature of the Wine Should Be Maintained Before Serving!

Different wines are best served at different temperatures. Where some wines are best while served chilled, some need to be served at room temperature for optimum fun and taste. Serving a wine at the wrong temperature can destroy the flavor and aroma, defeating the purpose of the winemaker.


Note that Your Servers pour the Wine in the Decanter Properly!

Choose to serve wine in a right decanter. Not just because decanters are aesthetically pleasing, but also they improve the taste of the wine. Specially, aged wines benefit from being served in a decanter because it removes wine sediments and allows the wine to breathe. This will improve the taste of the wine and will make the guests feel pleasant.


Wine served in Decanter & Glass

Wine served in Decanter & Glass


Select Perfect Wine Glasses According to Your Event.

You need to select wine glasses depending on the type of wine you are serving & also keeping your type of event in mind.. The traditional wine glass has a large bowl shape. It is filled only a quarter of the way as the space allows oxygen to breathe while being swirled. This will enhance the taste of the wine as it is being served perfectly and also in right quantity.


Properly Make Them Pour the Contents of the Bottle!

Make sure that they pour the amounts that will fill the glass only about half an inch, just enough for your guest to know if it's acceptable. Once tasted and approved, pour each glass up to half or slightly more than that. This can vary depending on the number of servings.


A picture denoting the amount of wine to be poured in each glass.

A picture denoting the amount of wine to be poured in each glass.


Some other types of wines need to be poured slightly differently viz. sparkling wine should be poured along the inside wall of the glass rather than directly into the centre. This is the reason why the expats prefer the food and hospitality in the Cayman Islands over other Caribbean region.

Make the Guests Feel Important and Valued!

What if a guest merely wants a single glass of wine with dinner? If the patron is only interested in just one glass, make them pour the wine in the glass from the respective bottle. Remember that it's a good etiquette to show the bottle to your guests, even if they only seek for a glass. This authenticates that the guests have obtained what they desired. In other words, make them feel important/special.

Serving excellent wine and proper way of presentation at the event is about doing all the little things right and, above all, making sure that everything goes right without stumbling. Most of the guests will notice superior wine service, but poor service is much more noticeable.

Remembering a famous saying, “happiness is sharing a bottle of wine on the beach and not keeping it corked”, just open the bottle & ENJOY!

Just Open the Bottle & Enjoy!

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