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The Caribbean's Gourmet Delights Under Open Skies

The Caribbean's Gourmet Delights Under Open Skies

The Caribbean's Gourmet Delights Under Open Skies

SEP 22 2023

The Caribbean is known for its variety of things. But one thing that never ceases to impress locals and travelers alike is its mouthwatering culinary delights. Caribbean cuisine is a captivating blend of cultures, including African and Asian, which brought a revolutionary change thanks to its new ingredients and cooking methods.

In recent decades, Caribbean cuisine has taken the global culinary stage, where the sous chefs combine conventional and contemporary cooking approaches to bring forth a tapestry of flavors tasted never before!

Besides the epicurean bliss, the next best aspect of the Caribbean is the scenic charm of pristine beaches, turquoise waters, and ombre skies.

Imagine this for a moment: You are on the Caribbean’s western shore with your loved ones, relishing tempting island fare, sipping classic wines, and biting into delectable desserts. Manifest thoughts into action and head straight to The Wharf.

Since 1988, we have been known as the premier waterfront restaurant in Cayman, offering a gastronomic oasis alongside vintage wines and decadent desserts.

Hungry for more details? Dive deep to quench your thirst to learn more about The Wharf. 

The Wharf: Relish Scenic Perfection on a Plate

Caribbean Lobster Salad 

If you are in Cayman and dining at our restaurant, you are in for a treat! We are renowned for serving the Caribbean classics with a twist, and one brilliant example of this is our Caribbean Lobster Salad.

A healthy, protein-packed bowl loaded with quinoa, grilled lobster, and a variety of greens. For a tropical and sweet contrast, our chef adds chunks of melon, sprinkles spices & herbs, pours Marie Rose sauce, and tops it up with cilantro & scallions.

This fantastic combination of seafood and Caribbean flavors with tropical zest will not only delight your senses but also top your charts for the best dinner in Grand Cayman. 

Caribbean Lobster Bisque

Imagine savoring warmth, the satisfying crunch of the texture, protein-packed goodness, and an exquisite burst of delicious flavors in one bowl. Yes, this is true, thanks to our executive chef and his amazing team, who dedicate their time to prepare Caribbean Lobster Bisque, a culinary masterpiece rich with bite-sized Lobster pieces and Caribbean spices.

Like the dish, the cooking of this flavorful soup is pretty simple too. The dish's star ingredient, Lobster, is cooked separately before adding it to the soup. As for the aromatics, our chef includes onion, garlic, and scallions.

To enhance the flavors of these aromatics, our chef sprinkles some Caribbean spices, pours coconut milk for creaminess, adds tomatoes for a hint of sweetness, and simmers until it thickens. Lastly, the pieces of Lobster are coated with the broth, served in a bowl, topped with fresh dill, and accompanied by puff pastry. 

Ceviche of the Day

Seafood enthusiasts assemble! Get ready to savor the wonders of the Caribbean Sea, freshly caught and prepared to give you an authentic and refreshing taste. Ceviche of the Day is one of the succulent, featuring local catch, citrus juices, scotch bonnet, cilantro, coconut milk, and fried avocado.

The dish originates from Peru in Latin America; however, it has become a popular culinary choice worldwide, including Cayman. The best aspect of this dish is its versatility. The dish allows every chef to exhibit their creative culinary skills for the diners, which is why it is known to be the best dinner in Grand Cayman.

The flavor profile of this dish is typically tangy, crisp, and juicy, tantalizing your taste buds with each bite. 

Giant Shrimp

Giant Shrimp - an enticing and fancy dish with a harmonious blend of seafood, herbs, and a classic side dish, mashed potatoes. The dish is cooked to perfection by stuffing Caribbean Lobster meat inside the Shrimp, which is a mixture of lobster meat, herbs, spices, and other binders to offer a balanced flavor.

Finally, the dish is plated with a side of creamy and comforting mashed potatoes with a rich and tangy lemon butter sauce poured over the Giant Shrimp, giving a luxurious seafood experience. 

The Caribbean's Gourmet Delights Under Open Skies

The Wharf: Discover the Journey of Gourmet Cuisine Here

Besides catering the Caribbean delicacies, we offer a patio seating where you can relish the chef specials while witnessing the tropical ambience of breathtaking oceanfront views, soothing sounds of crashing waves against the shore and a bright yellow sun setting over the horizon.

Sounds amazing, right? Your experience will be even more spectacular when you behold this testament of natural beauty for yourself.

To elevate this elegant and serene atmosphere, we recommend you explore our collection of premium wines in Cayman. We have nearly 900 wines by the bottle, including a wonderful selection of Cayman wines.

The wines are collected by numerous regions and countries, representing the incredible variety of grapes, and chosen carefully by experts and individual winemakers to embrace every palate.

Novice wine drinkers don’t shy away from ordering. Our team of sommeliers and trained staff will help you make the right choice, perfectly complementing the food, mood, and ambience. 

An Evening by Waterfront’s Edge

Bask in the sunset and indulge in culinary excellence at The Wharf. From scrumptious bites to captivating sights and everything in between, you are just a call away from making lasting memories.

So don’t wait up! Call today at + (345)-949-2231 or email us at to reserve a table. 

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