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Sunset And Waterfront Dining - A Fairytale Experience!

Sunset and Waterfront Dining - A Fairytale Experience!

Sunset and Waterfront Dining - A Fairytale Experience!

SEP 18 2017

The ambience of premier waterfront restaurants in Cayman is a big part of the dining experience particularly for those who come to watch the sunset, while sipping on a glass of wine or a mixed drink. The ambience flows as the evening begins when the host greets customers with a warm Caymanian smile and a jolly hello. At the table the waiters are keen to meet your every need and ensure your dining pleasure. Many waiters find unique ways to share a joke to get everyone laughing and enjoying the evening from the very beginning.

Guests from around the world enjoy many of the restaurants on the Seven Mile Beach especially those restaurants located on the waterfront. As Cayman is known for its Seven Mile Beach, tourists come wanting to have waterfront dinners in the Cayman Islands. The fairytale experience continues with fine Cayman wine to set the mood as well as light music in the air. On some occasions a live band is paid to perform but those performances are usually held later in the evening.


Cayman wine can range from sparkling wines such as Bollinger, Special Cuvee, Brut, Champagne, France or white wines – Riesling, Savignon Blanc, Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio – rose wines such as White Zinfandel or your choice of red wines – Malbec, Pinot Noir or Malbec. And don’t forget dessert and fortified wines such as Moscato, Cadillac or Taylor’s 10-year or 20-year!

Fine dining in the Cayman Islands offers five star dining fairytale experiences along the stretch of seven miles of beachfront overlooking the seaside with its unique limestone while seated at a nicely arranged table complete with Cayman wine, under the moon and stars.

A three-course meal is the norm, usually with a salad or soup or some other delicious appetizer such as conch fritters or baked cheese prepared by sous-chefs. Many Cayman restaurants employ specialty chefs from around the world that have selected Cayman as their home and bring many years of international experience. They are known for unique dishes such as surf and turf, lamb, baked sea bass and other fish, to name a few.


Tarpon Feeding at the Wharf Restaurant

Tarpon Feeding at the Wharf Restaurant


Usually during the eating of the main course, there’s a movement of guests as they shuffle to get near the water’s edge to watch large fish, such as tarpons, being fed at a designated time - a lovely addition to a night out for dinner. The feeding of the tarpons can be found at most of the restaurants along the water’s edge on Seven Mile Beach.

Once everyone is settled back at their tables the waiters are coming around to see if there are plates to be cleared and desserts orders to go into the chefs who will prepare a fancy dessert. Restaurants in Cayman usually have at least one specialty dessert unique to their restaurant and most will serve famous desserts such as Cayman rum cake with vanilla ice cream or sticky toffee pudding.

It might seem like the evening as come to an end now that everyone has had their desserts and/or dessert wines but the second half of the fairytale evening at the waterfront has just begun – it’s party time with live music by one of the local bands.

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