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Relish Evening Breeze With Wine Dinner At The Waterfront Restaurant

Relish Evening Breeze with Wine Dinner at the Waterfront Restaurant

Relish Evening Breeze with Wine Dinner at the Waterfront Restaurant

SEP 09 2022

The history of a place has a lot to say about its culinary diversity. The same can be said for the Cayman Islands. East Indian, American, Chinese, and African influences melting in a pot induce Cayman cuisine, which is almost 500 years old. The French, along with the English, Dutch, and Spanish, arrived to establish trade on the island, relying on the abundant marine resources and local produce to resupply their journey between the old world and America.

As there are no rivers and lakes on the Island, people from ages relied on surrounding waters and food. On the favorable side, there is very little runoff or slit, which is why the waters surrounding the island are crystal clear and have some of the best seafood in the world.

Coming back to modern times, the Cayman Islands have some of the best restaurants in the world, and one such notable waterfront restaurant in Cayman is “The Wharf.” Whether you are dating or celebrating your married years, the gazebo dining at The Wharf offers intimacy, privacy, and a romantic setup along with soulful music, not to forget the impeccable service and the delicacies of your choice. 

At night, with a Ring of the Bell, Tarpon feeding is announced for the guests. You can notice 100 greyish-silver fishes coming up from the deep waters and picking their treats from your fingers, thus causing quite a spectacle for children and elders. 

You can also plan a magnificent celebration inviting 100 guests in air-conditioned comfort with a stunning panorama of the Caribbean and the premier wines of Cayman. The wine cellar has perfectly curated 500 fine wines from across the world and encloses trained sommeliers to assist you in choosing some great varieties and vintages.

Relish Evening Breeze with Wine Dinner at the Waterfront Restaurant

Beyond conch, seasonal turtle, and popular dishes, you will find coconut shrimp, fresh lobster, crab cakes, tuna, and The Wharf’s signature dish, basil and pistachio nutty sea bass in a creamy Champagne sauce. You can also indulge in this popular dish called Ceviche, seafood originating from Peru and made with a special twist. For cocktail lovers, we have Mudslide, inspired by White Russian drink. Served over ice, it’s a creamy mix of vodka, Kahlua, and Irish cream that glides down easily but packs a mighty punch. 

Make your tiring day fun by visiting everyone’s favorite restaurant - The Wharf, surrounded by the stunning Caribbean Sea, out-of-the-world food, cocktails, and services. 

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