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Our 5 Special Cocktails That Will Keep You Coming Back

Our 5 Special Cocktails that will Keep You Coming Back

Our 5 Special Cocktails that will Keep You Coming Back

SEP 19 2018

Cocktails are typically any beverages containing three or more ingredients with at least one of them containing alcohol. Cocktail has to mandatorily include an alcoholic beverage, a sugar, and a bitter or citrus. Waterfront restaurants in the Cayman Islands serve cocktails as per the popular demand. Best food and waterfront view in the Cayman Islands combined with cocktails make for a fine dine experience. Our exotic Cocktail range includes Juniper Cooler, Sparkling Sea, Midnight Dream, Key Lime Quickie and Berry Bliss.

Each of our cocktails is exclusive and will secure another visit from you! Allow us to guide you in making a choice.

  • Juniper Cooler is a fusion of Tanqueray Gin and St. Germaine liqueur with added lemon juice and cucumbers. Tanqueray is a London dry gin made with double distillation of grain. This cocktail comes with a secret recipe, of which one of the ingredients is juniper, hence the name. The St. Germaine liqueur is made from elderflower and if you are a cocktail lover – you will be enthralled to try it due to its bright and fragrant flavor that hints of peaches and lychee. With a topping of basil infused soda water, this drink is an ultimate delight.
  • Sparkling Sea is a lustful combination of peach liqueur, strawberry puree, and prosecco! Topped with fresh mint – it refreshes your mind after a busy day. Prosecco is an Italian wine made from Glera, Verdiso, Bianchetta Trevigiana, Perera, Glera lunga and Chardonnay among the variety of grapes used. This is also an essential ingredient for spiritz. Peach Liqueur adds the aromatic and fruity flavor to this lush cocktail. It has the base of rum, brandy or any other alcohol and is sweet in taste. When we talk about the strawberry puree – well, who doesn't love it!
  • Midnight Dream is made with Stoli Vanilla Vodka and Godiva Chocolate liqueur and served with espresso and vanilla cream. This dessert delight gives you the flavor of unsweetened dark chocolate, black cherry, candied orange peels and cold-brewed coffee – for a soulful indulgence. Only the vanilla from Madagascar is used to create this masterpiece – for the luxury you've ever dreamt of experiencing, this is absolutely worth your money.
  • Key Lime Quickie can also be counted as a gift from Madagascar as it is also a fusion of Stoli Vanilla Vodka and Grape sugar rim. Grape sugar rim gives the cocktail a salty taste and a unique flavor. The lemon-lime syrup gives it the sweet and sour touch that is liked by most.
  • Berry Bliss - as the name suggests has mudded wild berries, simple lemon syrup, Grey goose and ginger beer as key ingredients. Grey Goose is a French vodka made with superior quality wheat. It comes in lemon, black cherry, orange and vanilla flavors with the touch of cinnamon and caramel. The Ginger beer is sweet in taste naturally and has originated from the land of Caribbean. This is a bliss topped with rosemary – for the therapeutic aroma.

After reading much about the cocktails at the Wharf, you must be craving for one! The Wharf offers you delectable menu options to choose from, coupled with tempting cocktails and exquisite Cayman wines! Pay us a visit and we'd love to be your host!

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