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Lay Out A Feast Your Wedding Guests Will Savor

Lay out a feast your wedding guests will savor

Lay out a feast your wedding guests will savor

MAR 27 2017

So you are getting married, and in the Cayman Islands in a typical Cayman beach wedding? That calls for triple congratulations for you and your special one!

The air on the islands seems to be infused with romance. With clear blue skies, azure sea, pristine beaches, and a friendly people, the Cayman Islands are a veritable paradise, offering the most spectacular setting for making your special day perfect. 

The numerous beaches ringing the islands are the favorite location for most weddings. Getting married by the sea with the sand between your toes makes for the most intimate way in which you can say ‘I Do’. Your wedding party may include just a few friends and family. Or, you may have invited everyone, including the dog-walker and the pizza delivery man. Whatever the scale of the ceremony, there’s something about a Cayman beach wedding that guarantees romance.


But to enjoy this special day, it would be good to offload the headache of planning and execution to professionals. A full service coordinator, who takes care of all the important aspects that go into making a wonderful wedding – from the setting to decorations and from food to music – is just what you need.

The Wharf restaurant is a spectacular setting for your Cayman wedding. Located at the beginning of the Seven Mile Beach, it is a seafront restaurant where you can marry on their private beach and then head to their dining terrace for your reception. The Wharf can accommodate up to 300 guests – you can either reserve the entire restaurant or a section as per your requirements. An in-house coordinator will make your day truly memorable and stress-free, taking care of all factors that go into making a beautiful occasion. 

The personalized service caters to all your wishes. Want roses everywhere? They can do that. Want to raise a toast with a bottle of the finest champagne? No problem. Want to dance to ‘It Had To Be You’. Of course. It’s attention to detail and expert assistance that stays inconspicuous through the ceremony to ensure that it all goes off without a hitch. 


A Wedding Cake, Prepared in the Wharf Restaurant

A Wedding Cake, Prepared in the Wharf Restaurant


And the food… No wedding is complete without a feast that delights your taste buds and satisfies your soul. An international team of talented chefs cook up the most delectable soups, salads, and appetizers, main course and side dishes, desserts and cakes. From traditional Caribbean fare to modern cuisine from across the world, that is complemented by our award-winning collection of exclusive wines and the finest liquor.

It’s the perfect start to spending the rest of your lives together, with cherished memories of one of the most important events of your lifetime.

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