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It's A Party (or Corporate Event) At Waterfront Restaurants In The Cayman Islands

It's a Party (or Corporate Event) at Waterfront Restaurants in the Cayman Islands

It's a Party (or Corporate Event) at Waterfront Restaurants in the Cayman Islands

OCT 30 2018

In my household, we like to have fun, and one of our favourite phrases is, “It’s a party every day.” It feels like that while visiting or living in the Cayman Islands, and it should extend to work life, too – at least, in my opinion!

It’s not all work and no play for most businesses, and I think the best of the bosses will find exceptional venues for their corporate events and parties. These include waterfront restaurants in the Cayman Islands with top-rated chefs, stunning views and friendly ambience, plus a complete range of services, including photography/videography, entertainment, and of course, great food and professional waitstaff. Even fireworks! Whether it’s a corporate event for executives or the whole team, a holiday party, a wedding, special anniversary or birthday, the best Grand Cayman restaurants can seamlessly meet everyone’s needs and provide a memorable experience for guests.

Plenty of options

The options for booking a waterfront venue for corporate events and parties are many across Grand Cayman, but I think it makes the most sense to choose from among the best Cayman Islands restaurants as your go-to place for these occasions. Take advantage of a spacious waterfront deck with seating capacity of up to 350 guests alongside a private beach, or select a smaller indoor banquet room with all amenities, including party set-ups and décor. I find that the best way to determine the perfect place for corporate events and parties is to meet with the venue’s event coordinator and go through the wish list for the occasion. I like to suggest my favourite color palette and the kinds of flowers I prefer, and then see how these can fit in with table settings and decorations. That’s where I rely on the expert advice of these event coordinators.

Food and wine for every occasion

Once I’ve decided on the venue and the arrangements for decorations and any special attractions or entertainment, I can focus all of my attention on food and beverages. I really enjoy the amazing selection of premier Cayman Islands wine to choose from locally, including French and Argentinian reds, California and Italian whites, dessert and fortified wines, and soft rosés or crisp bubbly Prosecco for sultry Caribbean afternoons and evenings.

I am also very happy with the extensive choice of appetizers and entrées that always include fresh local fish and vegetables. And bonus: It’s easy to offer vegetarian and gluten-free dishes. Thankfully, I find it easy to accommodate the culinary tastes of all my guests on special occasions, and this kind of detailed attention extends to catering corporate events and parties as well.

It’s getting close to the time to think about holiday parties and events, so best to consider waterfront restaurants in the Cayman Islands early on, before bookings are full. By all means, make it a party every day – or as close to that as possible –by holding corporate events and parties at the best waterfront restaurants in the Cayman Islands.

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