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Indoor Dining Or Waterfront Dining, What Do You Prefer?

Indoor Dining or Waterfront Dining, What Do You Prefer?

Indoor Dining or Waterfront Dining, What Do You Prefer?

AUG 28 2018

The Wharf is one of the premium restaurants on the Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman. Pristine sunset, sparkling waters, and coral sand are what define the Seven Mile Beach. The Wharf allows you to experience the best of the Grand Cayman dining with the prerogative of being mesmerized with the beauty of the Cayman Islands.

“The voice of the sea speaks to the soul.”

We offer waterfront dining to our guests who want to hear the waves reverberating along the walls of the restaurant. The guests can enjoy the beautiful beach view and the sunset view while sipping the Cayman wine. The Wharf Restaurant and Bars offer you Waterfront dining experience. After renovation, our Waterfront deck can seat up to 350 people at once and due to the closely and carefully planned seating allows every patron to witness the awing shoreline of the Seven Miles Beach with scrumptious meals prepared by our culinary experts.

The Wharf also offers Indoor dining apart from the Waterfront dining. The indoor dining room has a seating capacity of 130 people – ideal for those who want a sea-facing view and yet stay inside. The air-conditioned indoor gives you a balanced sound inside due to the acoustic buffers installed on the ceilings of the room. The indoors are ideal for your meetings and corporate events, while the waterfront will be perfect for birthday parties or related social events.

The indoor dining area gives you the fulfilling experience of the sea even when you’re not under the open sky. Both dining options are catered by our newly revamped indoor bar. This bar provides you with a wide range of wine selections. It has all that you’d desire on your day out. Our holding capacity as Tequila, Spirit, Whisky and many more! Our bar Is 100% customized to please our clientele.

The restaurants in the Seven Mile Beach are known for the laudable fine dine experience they're providing to the locals and the tourists. The Clemens Grotto is our new meeting, and a private room has seating of up to 20 people with the facilities of Air Conditioners and cable TV.

We have the exclusive “Ports of Call” seaside bar that is liked by both the tourists and the locals as it allows them to witness the sunset and the soothing seashore while sipping their favorite drink. The Ports of Calls offers the finest of Cayman wine with live music that is perfect to end a tiring day.

The Wharf is distinct in its approach to cater to both – the locals and the tourists as per their preferences. The Waterfront dining is admired by everyone; however, the locals are also inclined towards indoor dining experience since they have enough dose of the sea in their daily lives. The bar in both cases serves the purpose to make their nights perfect in their entirety. When in the Cayman Islands, make a reservation at the Wharf!

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