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Fresh, Delicious Salads For The Health Conscious In Cayman

Fresh, Delicious Salads for the Health Conscious in Cayman

Fresh, Delicious Salads for the Health Conscious in Cayman

MAY 23 2018

If you think salad is simply a bunch of leaves with little substance, think again! Let us show you the way to a fresh, delicious and satisfying side dish or salad as an entree with many layers of flavour. Our salads are some of our most popular menu items - and some of the best food in the Cayman Islands!

When it comes to fine dining in the Cayman Islands, our international team of chefs believes in combining fresh, healthy ingredients in creative ways to enhance flavours and engage diners in the most appetizing ways.

Take our Octopus Salad, for instance, which combines the expertly prepared seafood with cucumber, mango and chickpeas in a sweet chili dressing. Or, if you favor Caesar Salad, ours is a classic with romaine lettuce, shaved parmesan cheese, and croutons, with traditional Caesar dressing. 

Another option is Spinach & Arugula Salad, featuring quinoa, roasted beets and crumbled feta cheese in a walnut-raspberry dressing. Or try our Artisan Wharf Salad with delicate baby greens combined with grilled artichokes, vegetables confit and crumbled feta cheese in a tomato herb vinaigrette dressing.

You may also add extra protein to your meal with choices such as:

1) Blackened salmon filet

2) Grilled garlic shrimp skewer

3) Sauteed garlic lobster chunks

4) Grilled or blackened chicken breast

5) Catch of the Day, grilled or blackened

These are just some examples why The Wharf is rated as one of the best restaurants in the Cayman Islands. Our chefs use the freshest, finest ingredients, sourced locally to prepare everything on our menu, and they present each dish in an artful way.
Now you can travel like a tourist and eat like a local in the Cayman Islands - starting with healthy, delicious and flavourful salads. Take a look at our menus and come visit us soon!

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