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Five Best Wedding Cake Ideas For A Fabulous Cayman Christmas Beach Wedding

Five Best Wedding Cake Ideas for a Fabulous Cayman Christmas Beach Wedding

Five Best Wedding Cake Ideas for a Fabulous Cayman Christmas Beach Wedding

DEC 30 2016

Weddings in Cayman are a spectacular occasion and if you are wondering about the best time of the year to get married here, then there cannot be a better time than Christmas for a magical beach wedding or Cayman Islands weddings.


Cayman Beach Weddings –Sans the Snowflakes

The moment you start thinking about a Christmas wedding, the idea of snowflakes, glitter, rich reds and white tones along with metallic accents all instantaneously come to mind. However, since the Cayman Islands are located in the tropics in the Caribbean, Christmas is celebrated without the snowflakes and the icy atmosphere of the northern countries.


Christmas Wedding Cakes remind us about winter

Nevertheless, Cayman beach weddings during Christmas are very popular. People in the Caribbean have a special way of celebrating Christmas amidst the white sandy beaches, the crystal clear water and the breezy surf.  Imagine getting married on Christmas day in the Cayman Islands, which calls for a wedding cake that captures the spirit of Christmas day and reminds you of a wonderful Christmas during winter time. So, while the little princess that is you gets married to her prince charming, let’s discuss some of the best wedding cake ideas.




1. Blue Wedding Cake:

Why not create a blue wedding cake that reminds you of the blue winter skies. Decorate it with pearls on the topmost tiers to resemble icicles. Top it with white flowers that would make the cake look like a perfect centre of attraction for a glam wedding during the middle of wintertime!


2. Snowflakes and Red Colour Cake:

Go for a Christmas beach wedding cake that reminds you of snowflakes and add a dash of red colour. Add small white roses and a lot of imagination to it to make it look wonderful and elegant. 


3. Blanket of Snow and Pine Tree Cake:

It really doesn’t matter if the Cayman Islands do not have a snow blanketed background for your wedding. You can go for a cake that reminds you of such. Add a pine tree figurine, accent flowers, and match the colour scheme of the cake with the colour scheme of the wedding. Perfect!




4. Frosty Edges Cake:

Decorate your usual Christmas wedding cake with frosted edges, snowballs, and icicles! Include a few polar bear figurines and cover them with headscarves!


5. Snowman and Snowwoman Cake:

Create a cake with a snowman and a snow woman at the top, and decorate with lovebirds. Top it with snowflakes and voila; you have a perfect cake for your Christmas wedding.


Closing Thoughts

Surely a fabulous Christmas beach wedding in Cayman calls for a wedding cake that captures the Christmas atmosphere, while also adding a little warmth and romance to the wedding celebration. Yes, the wedding cake will be the first thing that people would want to look at. People won’t shy to even take pictures of it! 


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