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Experience The Unusual Tarpon Feeding In The Cayman Islands

Experience The Unusual Tarpon Feeding in the Cayman Islands

Experience The Unusual Tarpon Feeding in the Cayman Islands

DEC 15 2021

When you visit a restaurant for the first time, you would normally expect mouth-watering cuisine, exclusive choices of drinks, excellent service, and a stunning ambience. But what if we say, you have more to cherish other than the usual. Baffled, right? 

‘Breathtaking’, ‘amazing’, and ‘a sight to behold’ are words we often hear from our first-time guests. What they’re referring to is the resident school of Indo-Pacific tarpon in the shallow water surrounding one of the exquisite restaurants in the Cayman Islands. Every night with the Ring of the Bell, the Tarpon feeding is announced for our guests. You can kneel on the dock and hold the snack just above the surface of the water. And notice 100 of greyish-silver fishes nicknamed ‘Silver King,’ coming up from the deep waters, causing quite a spectacle. This medium-sized, beautiful yet all-time hungry creature is famously known as the ‘Game Fish’ due to its enormous strength, stamina, and fighting abilities.

The tarpons in Cayman have become habituated to enjoying a good meal, and there’s no better place to capture them in their natural habitat than The Wharf.  So, if you’re feeling adventurous, keep your hand still and wait. There will be an explosion of water, and a bump as the tarpons take their treat from your fingers. Check on your kids as they would probably be feeding or helping the Wharf’s staff offer food to these boisterous diners. It is amazing to know that these playful, olympian creatures are upto 8 feet long and can weigh anywhere from 80 to 280 pounds.

Where else can you have all the fun while dining at Cayman’s finest restaurant? Head over to The Wharf to witness this exciting and unusual event - Tarpon Feeding, starting daily from Dec 16, 2021.

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