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Experience Authentic Caymanian Food Dishes With 1969 Taylor Fladgate Very Old Single Harvest Port

Experience Authentic Caymanian Food Dishes with 1969 Taylor Fladgate Very Old Single Harvest Port

Experience Authentic Caymanian Food Dishes with 1969 Taylor Fladgate Very Old Single Harvest Port

MAR 27 2023

Food has a strange way of taking us on a journey of taste and staying with us as a joyful memory long after we are done appreciating our meal. Every day our chefs at the Wharf dedicate their time and talent to give tribute to the vibrant culinary culture of the Cayman Islands.  

We are aware of how important it is to find the right amount of balance between mouth-watering dishes and delicious drinks in order to completely complement the aesthetics of a meal by the waterfront views of the Cayman Islands. 

Today we are here to guide you in finding the same balance as we bring some of the most loved Cayman Islands food pairings with the vintage 1969 Taylor Fladgate Very Old Single Harvest Port wine. 

About Wine

This exquisite port wine arrives in a rare, amber-hued bottle that hints at its unique age. Every sip brings forth luxurious aromas of cherry, plums, and herbs, vibrant flavors of ripe fruit and peppery spice, and a round finish with robust tannins. With every bite, find treats like fresh seafood specialties or tropical feasts inspired by traditional Cayman recipes. Paired together for an unforgettable experience!

The 1969 Taylor Fladgate Very Old Single Harvest Port wine is a rare and extraordinary vintage wine that has been aged for over 50 years in oak barrels, developing a rich and complex bouquet of flavors and aromas. It has a deep amber color, a velvety texture, and notes of caramel, nuts, and dried fruits. To truly appreciate this exceptional wine, we recommend pairing it with one of the following traditional Caymanian dishes: 

Cayman-Style Turtle Soup

Turtle soup is a dish that represents the Cayman Islands and its culinary heritage. Our chefs prepare the turtle soup by boiling the tender turtle meat in a tasty broth of vegetables, herbs, and spices. The soup is complemented with a side of sherry paired with the rich flavors of the 1969 Taylor Fladgate Very Old Single Harvest Port wine. The nuts and dried fruits elevate the fullness of the soup. 

Wild Rice Salad

After going through the Wharf’s menu, you should try Wild Rice Salad, a blend of Roasted corn, avocado, citrus fruit, beets, baby greens, and tortilla crunch garnished with pomegranate to make this mouthwatering dish a suitable paring with the vintage wine. 

Mahi-Mahi With Mango Salsa

Mahi-Mahi is a popular fish in the Cayman Islands and is often served with a fruity salsa to complement its mild flavor. Our fish is grilled to perfection and served with a tangy mango salsa. This dish pairs beautifully with the 1969 Taylor Fladgate Very Old Single Harvest Port wine, as the wine's dried fruit notes perfectly complement the sweetness of the mango, while its nutty flavors provide a nice balance to the fish's delicate flavor.

Conch Meat 

The conch meat is coated in a flour batter and deep-fried till golden and crispy. The name of this meal alludes to a technique for softening the chewy, tough meat using a frying pan or a meat mallet. To enhance the sensation of the meat flavors, these cracked conches are frequently served with a spicy mango aioli and a tangy cucumber salad and are best considered to be paired with wines that treat your palate with flavors of dried fruits.

Cayman-Style Beef

A traditional recipe with slow-cooked beef in a sauce full of tangy tomato influence served with rice and beans. If you are planning for a Sunday brunch in Grand Cayman, then this dish is a perfect choice to build up your unofficial Sunday date. 

Classic Caesar Salad

The romaine lettuce in the caesar salad is crisp and perfectly prepared, and it offers the ideal framework for adding some freshly grated Parmesan as a garnish. Anchovies, another crucial component, give the salad a distinct flavor. Anchovy fillets are mashed and combined into a paste for an old-fashioned caesar salad dish. Try it with the 1969 Taylor Fladgate Very Old Single Harvest Port wine to appreciate the Wharf’s menu to its fullest. 

Stew Fish 

Stew Fish is a classic dish found on menus around the Cayman Islands. The fresh saltwater fish, usually Snapper or Grouper, is simmered in a rich tomato sauce with potatoes and peppers, making it an ideal comfort-food favorite.  Stew Fish’s sweetness is a perfect companion for the hints of spice and toffee embedded in the vintage 1969 Taylor Fladgate Port. 

The 1969 Taylor Fladgate Very Old Single Harvest Port is a barrel-aged port of exceptional quality, made from grapes harvested in Vinho Verde and aged for over 50 years in oak casks. The flavors and aromas of this exclusive port bring out the best in Stew Fish and other local Caymanian dishes.

Jerk Chicken

At the wharf, we marinate the jerk chicken in a mixture of spices, including allspice, cinnamon, and thyme, before grilling it to achieve the perfect ratio of crispiness. On the sides, we serve you rice and beans for you to sip with the 1969 Taylor Fladgate Very Old Single Harvest Port wine. 

As you indulge in your meal, the bold flavors of the seasoning on the jerk chicken will spread across your palate. This dish, when enjoyed with premium wines in Cayman, will give you a diverse portfolio of tastes in your meal. 

The Unforgetful Experience

Come a full circle with finishing your meal with a sweet & slightly bitter taste of Cayman’s Staple Rum Cake. Made with traditional ingredients like nutmeg, local rum & rum cake, and garnished with cinnamon, the decision to order the cake will be one of the best you make when in the Cayman Islands.

The Unforgetful Experience

Immerse yourself in the rich flavors and aromas of a classic 1969 Taylor Fladgate Very Old Single Harvest Port, complemented by a specially-curated selection of local Caymanian dishes. Enjoy an unforgettable culinary experience as you savor each bite and sip! 

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