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Elopement Wedding - Tips To Get Hitched In Privacy And Love

Elopement Wedding - Tips to Get Hitched in Privacy and Love

Elopement Wedding - Tips to Get Hitched in Privacy and Love

MAR 03 2023

In the era of showcasing extravagant wedding events to the whole world and promoting weddings on social media with hashtags made from the couple’s names, there are a few who want their big day to be only shared with their small circle of loved ones without outside eyes shadowing every move of the bride and groom.

Eloping can be the perfect solution for couples who wish to celebrate their union by dedicating an evening to romance without fanfare and big planning. But you'll want to make sure that your loved ones aren't too upset by your decision—here are nine tips on how to elope while keeping everyone happy!

Thinking about eloping? We'll help you tie the knot in privacy, promote love and understanding, and keep your loved ones from being too upset. Here are nine tips from the Wharf that will assist you in planning an elopement in Cayman!


Think About the Perfect Time and Place.

When planning your elopement, think carefully about the perfect time and place. It could be a romantic spot with your special memories, a secluded beach, or just the cozy hall at the Wharf—whatever speaks to the two of you. Consider timing too—late autumn or winter is often quieter, with fewer crowds and more possibility for peace and privacy.

Think About the Perfect Time and Place


At the Wharf, we execute wedding events in the Cayman Islands by setting up a perfect ambiance to ensure the bride and groom feel comfortable while moving ahead with a union of a lifetime.

Don’t Forget to Have a Celebrant!

Make sure to include a celebrant who can officiate your wedding. This helps make your elopement legally binding and accountable, in addition to having a professional assist with the actual ceremony. Having an expert on board also ensures you follow local marriage laws—this is essential when eloping abroad. A celebrant can work with you to create a beautiful, meaningful ceremony that reflects who you are as a couple.

Don’t Forget to Have a Celebrant!

The Arrangements

While you have chosen to include only a selected few people that are very close to you to be a part of your ceremony, it is meaningful that you return the favor of their presence by serving them with the best hospitality.

This includes their travel, their stay, and the food served to them. Our chefs are renowned for serving authentic Grand Cayman food to customers with their delicious touch of experience.

The Arrangements

Because at the Wharf, we understand that fulfilling these requirements is a task in itself, especially when you want things to be as simple as they can. We fully manage these responsibilities right from the moment your special guests set foot inside the Wharf.

We are listed as the number one Cayman Islands restaurant that provides guests with a waterfront dining experience and a venue for weddings by the beach to make their vows official. We also have many planned events and activities for you to enjoy while sipping premium wines in cayman.


Try Not to Deny Your Family and Friends an Opportunity to Celebrate With You.


The truth is family and friends want to be a part of the joy and celebration that comes with the union of two individuals. But when you elope, they don’t get that chance. To ensure that the love isn’t lost between you and your close ones, come up with unique ways to include them in the proceedings even though you’re not doing a big wedding. Make sure to keep them updated on the arrangements and consider sending your family members (e.g., parents or grandparents) framed photos of you at your elopement ceremony.


The best way to calm your relatives down for not inviting them is to send them a package that contains moments from your wedding to make them feel a part of life.


For your Elopement wedding to be successful, you need to plan every small detail, and the venue is what makes the intimate wedding moments so special.

We at the Wharf are known for setting the tone of our guest’s big day. We are excited to create memories that will be craved in your hearts for a lifetime.

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