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Christmas Lights & Late Fun Nights At The Wharf In Cayman

Christmas Lights & Late Fun Nights At The Wharf in Cayman

Christmas Lights & Late Fun Nights At The Wharf in Cayman

DEC 19 2023

‘Tis the season of holiday is almost around the corner, and everyone in the world is captivated by the allure of Christmas. 

As some people rejoice in the festive season by decorating their homes aesthetically with Christmas lights, cooking delicious meals, singing Christmas Carols, exchanging gifts, and adorning fresh & vibrant Christmas Trees with beautiful ornaments, garlands, tree skirts, and toppers, others celebrate the spirit of Yuletide by venturing out and savoring culinary delights with their loved ones at upscale establishments. 

Indulging in and sharing delicious bites stands as a pivotal aspect of Christmas gatherings. It offers a golden chance to strengthen your bonds and forge lasting memories, and where better to revel in the season of joy than at The Wharf? 

Nestled by the waterfront in Cayman, our exquisite restaurant is the perfect space to make your holidays merry. From satiating your appetite with delectable dishes to crafting an evening filled with joy, we promise you a night unlike any other!

The Wharf: A Happening Celebration Spot in Cayman

Planning to host an intimate Christmas gathering or throw a ‘Talk of the Town’ party? Then you better reserve your spot today! Our party venues in Cayman are the epitome of any special occasion and to top it all off, our talented executive chef and his wonderful team will serve you the most drool-worthy dishes crafted with care and perfection. 

The essence of Christmas will never be truly captured without the clinking of glasses, and we have an impeccable choice of wines, spirits, whisky, and after-dinner drinks menu for every palate. 

Elegant Yet Contemporary Venues for Events in the Cayman Islands

Intimate Gathering

If you are in search of a quaint venue for a close-knit celebration, the Indoor Dining Room at The Wharf is the ideal space for you! The indoor venue has a balanced acoustic where every detail has been thoughtfully considered to elevate your experience. 

The room flaunts solid wooden dining tables and chairs which are complemented by pearl white table cloth and strategically placed wooden partitions decorated with green veils to offer you the utmost privacy. To further enrich the ambiance, the walls are adorned with vibrant paintings from different artists around the globe.

The room is fully air-conditioned and can easily seat up to 130 people for practical comfort and to make the most out of your Christmas celebration. 

Trendsetting Celebration

Positioned amidst our esteemed Cayman Islands restaurant, the waterfront deck is the ‘One’ for your buzzworthy bash. With its unrivaled offerings, it encapsulates all the essential elements to take your social spectacle to extraordinary heights. 

Awestruck your guests with the mesmerizing views of the sunset and ever-changing ombre skies, ease them with abundant and flexible seating capacity for 350 people, make them twirl and groove on the heart-thumping beats, tantalize their taste buds with the mouthwatering local and international cuisine and satiate their cravings with the decadent dessert menu.

Our waterfront deck is beyond a party venue. It is an immersive experience built to become the canvas of your unforgettable memories. 

Corporate Affair

We all know that Christmas is celebrated with your family and loved ones. But how can we forget the secret Santas of our life aka work buddies? It is important that we spread the Holiday magic among the ones who make our everyday life magical. And how can we do that? 

Consider organizing a corporate gathering, be it a party, a festive lunch, or dinner. It will be our utmost pleasure to contribute to this thoughtful and fantastic event by becoming a part of and hosting it at our corporate venue.

The venue features a wide variety of services, including decor, entertainment, photography/videography, AV, fireworks, and an extra tent set up for executing a flawless corporate Christmas party or get-together. 

We even offer a full-time event coordinator to help you with the planning while you can focus on your deadlines, meetings, and last-minute work calls. Apart from the bespoke assistance, we even offer personalized menus for dessert, cocktails, after-dinner drinks, and dinner in Grand Cayman. 

Whether it's a close-circle celebration or a jubilant soirée, keeping it engaging requires more than luscious goodies and captivating decor. You need excitement soaring with some interactive games, and below are seven game suggestions to prevail the vibe of the party. 


  • Holiday Scavenger HuntCreate a list of Christmas-themed clues & items and hide them for the teams to find and win the prize. 
  • Christmas Dumb Charades: Who doesn’t know the classic? The only catch is that players have to act out Christmas-related movies while the team members have to guess. 
  • Christmas Trivia: Sort a list of questions associated with the Christmas traditions, movies, music, and history and ask the guests to answer and win the trivia. 
  • Carol Karaoke: Organize a karaoke session where the participants have to sing Christmas songs & carols and compete against each other to become the best performance of the evening. 
  • Guess What’s Inside It: This game can also be called gift exchanging with a twist, where the participants have to guess what’s inside the stocking and who gifted it. The right answer wins. 
  • Candy Cane Relay Race: Similar to lemon and spoon, participants have to balance a candy cane on a spoon and pass it to the other team member who will take it to the finish line. The first one to reach wins. 
  • Cookie Decorating Contest: You have to give out plain cookies and edible cookie toppings such as icing, sprinklers, and chocolate chips for participants to decorate them in a specified time. Judges and attendees can vote for the most appealing and creatively decorated cookies.

Traditional Delicacies to Relish this Christmas

Christmas Lights & Late Fun Nights At The Wharf in Cayman

Food is deeply rooted in Christmas celebrations, and every region has rich and diverse festive treats representing the culture and traditions that make the season special. In Cayman, locally cherished recipes such as turtle stew, turtle steaks, roast and stewed beef, lobster, and conch are widely consumed during Christmas. 

Apart from the native dishes, another tempting culinary masterpiece that becomes a centerpiece during Christmas is “The Seafood Tower.” This extravagant and visually stunning culinary representation features freshly caught aquatic life such as Oysters, Shrimp, Lobster, Mussels, Crab Claws, Ceviche, Scallops, and more, which are cooked with different cooking methods and authentic spices to unveil the rich texture and flavors of the seafood.

Cheers at Christmas Nights by The Wharf at Your Side

As the year’s most spectacular occasion descends upon us, we invite you to indulge in the culinary gem and party hub of the Cayman, The Wharf. We will ensure your celebration is as sparkly as the holiday with our impeccable services, a wide range of food and drink selections, and breathtaking venues. 

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your Christmas celebrations at The Wharf and stay etched in your guests' memories. 

Our upcoming events
  • Happy Hour: Monday to Saturday
  • Tarpon Feeding: Every night 
  • Dine Dance: Every Tuesday (08:00 PM to 11:00 PM)

Most eagerly awaited occasion of the year

New Year Celebration: 31st December (05:00 PM to 2:30 AM)

Details of the celebration:

  • A La Carte: 05:00 PM to 11:00 PM
  • Music by DJ Flex
  • Midnight fireworks
  • Exclusive Champagne Selection 
Contact details: 

+1 (345)-949-2231


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