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Cayman's Only Wine Festival: A Gateway To The World Of Wine

Cayman's Only Wine Festival: A Gateway to The World of Wine

Cayman's Only Wine Festival: A Gateway to The World of Wine

OCT 10 2022

Wines are a way of lifestyle, a way of living that connects you with people who bring out the best in you. When there’s a confluence of people with the same passion, their fondness becomes a fest. 


Are you looking for events in the Cayman Islands to socialize over with a spectacular collection of wines from around the world? The Wharf brings you a perfect, one-of-a-kind affair to make your weekend memorable.

Wine Festival On The Waterfront

Cayman’s restaurant giants, Tortuga – Fine Wine & Spirits, Grand Old House, and The Wharf, are coming together to craft a wine festival to give the people of the Islands the great grand wine experience.
We are excited to welcome you to three thoughtful and well-put-together events. Let us walk you through the Wine Fest, so you know what to expect. 

Day 1: Ultimate Wine Dinner 

The ultimate dinner at the sister restaurant of The Wharf is going to be the most elegant gathering of the year, so much so that the evening will very well be an example for the events to take place on the Island in the future.

On October 14th, at the Grand Old House, the guests will witness the start of a wine festival. We will serve you a dinner specially designed to give you an explosion of flavors on your palate, along with California's most exclusive wine releases. 

California wines are famous all across the world, and the state houses half of all the wineries in America. If we talk numbers, there are more than 4700 wineries! You can dine with wine sommeliers and brand ambassadors and catch their extensive knowledge about your favorite wines. 

The event begins at 7:00 PM and lasts until 8:30 PM, including a special presentation and tasting by Soto sake Brand Sommelier! 

Day 2: The Main Event

We are now on to the wine fest's most important and exciting day.  

Wondering what's in store for you? Hang in there because the flavors of wines are just starting to unfurl. 

From 4:30 to 10:00 PM on October 15th, The Wharf will be your host to a collection of more than hundreds of wines. If you are a wine enthusiast who likes to grab every opportunity to talk wine, this event is a must-sip.  

Mark your presence at our interactive stations placed at every corner of the restaurant and meet expert representatives of wines from all around the world. Our teams will be with you at every step of the way and will walk you through the wine-tasting techniques of some of the premium wines in Cayman to elevate your ‘wine’ buds. 

Live music and wines paired with your favorite local dishes will make your time at The Wharf a weekend to remember. 

Day 3: Final Day

The Wharf will host a unique event for wine lovers on October 16th, the concluding day of the wine festival.     


We know how a Sunday can be a game-changer in setting the mood right for the next week. Therefore, from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM, our guests will taste brand new and exclusive rums while gaining interesting facts about the sustainable practices of Flor De Cana from the brand ambassadors. 


  • Ultimate Wine Dinner - $150
  • Wine Fest: The Main Event - $150
  • The Ultimate Flor De Cana Experience - $100

Or get your (limited) All-Inclusive tickets at 450 CI to enjoy ALL events on all three days NOW!

For reservations, call +1 (345) 949 2231  or drop an inquiry at

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