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5 Authentic Dishes At The Wharf That Will Win Your Heart

5 Authentic Dishes At The Wharf That Will Win Your Heart

5 Authentic Dishes At The Wharf That Will Win Your Heart

JUN 23 2022

Food can set your mood right every time, and when paired with the mesmerizing view of the Caribbean Sea, your day only changes for the better. The Wharf has been a synonym for comfort and taste for over two decades, and we take the utmost pride in serving our customers the local flavors of the Cayman Islands food.

In addition to our luxury waterfront and indoor dining facilities, the key secret to keeping our ranking intact in the Cayman Islands has been the delicious food our highly skilled chefs serve, whose taste stays with you as a good memory. We are here to share the five dishes our customers have appreciated the most, making The Wharf their go-to restaurant among all the Grand Cayman restaurants

1. Wild Rice Salad

This delicious Wild Rice Salad is a blend of vivid colors and textures prepared with roast corn, avocado, citrus fruit, beets, baby greens, and tortilla crunch garnished with pomegranate. 

Fun fact: Wild rice salad doesn’t involve using rice in the dish’s preparation. The ingredient used is wheat, and the name is based on the appearance and taste of the grain.

2. Crab Stuffed Giant Shrimp

A sizable filleted shrimp is opened and stuffed with delicious seafood stuffing like Caribbean lobster, herbs streusel, and mashed potatoes. The crab-stuffed giant shrimp is served straight out of the oven paired with lemon butter sauce.

3. Classic Caesar Salad

The caesar salad has fresh, well-cooked pieces of romaine lettuce and provides just the proper structure for garnishing with some freshly grated Parmesan. The other essential ingredient is anchovies which offer a unique flavor to the salad. An old-fashioned caesar salad recipe has anchovy fillets mashed and mixed into a paste.

4. Seafood Linguini 

This seafood linguine is prepared with perfectly cooked shrimps and lobster chunks, mixed with a sauce flavored with spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, tomatoes, and champagne sauce. Cherry tomatoes are tossed through at the end and warmed until their juices start to release. 

5. Cracked Conch 

Conch meat is breaded in a batter made with flour, then deep-fried until golden and crispy. The name of this dish refers to a method of tenderizing the tough, chewy meat with a meat mallet or a frying pan. These Cracked conches are typically paired with zesty cucumber salad and spicy mango aioli to enhance the experience of meat flavors. 

The Wharf isn’t just a regular place where you eat; it is an enthralling experience full of love, joy, and freshness. Be it a business trip, a family outing, or a romantic getaway, we never fail to make your visit worth your time. 

We have a lot more to serve you, a menu full of mouth-watering dishes, and a collection of over 800 wines to help you explore your taste buds with eye-soothing views of the Cayman Islands. As we said, it is a different experience, and we invite you to make the most of it. To book a table, call +1 (345)-949-2231 or email

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