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4 Live Events To Attend At The Wharf: Check Out Our Latest Entertainment Lineup

4 Live Events to Attend at The Wharf: Check Out Our Latest Entertainment Lineup

4 Live Events to Attend at The Wharf: Check Out Our Latest Entertainment Lineup

AUG 05 2020

Nightlife is back on the agenda in the Cayman Islands, and it’s perfect timing to check out The Wharf’s popular calendar of after-dark live entertainment.

A perfectly planned night out is a blend of high expectation for the evening ahead as well as confidence that the people, the venue and the atmosphere will all come together in a glorious sum-is-greater-than-the-parts experience and enjoyment for all. It’s something that we’ve all been missing in recent months. But no more! It’s time to reclaim the night and bring back the party under the stars.

Here’s a roundup of the regular attractions we have brought back for your enjoyment:



Harpist Extraordinaire

Harpist Extraordinaire:

Three times a week, on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday, our “harpist extraordinaire” Eugenio Leon serenades The Wharf’s tables beginning at 6 pm and continuing throughout dinner until 10 pm. This magical experience under the stars is the perfect accompaniment to aperitifs, enjoyed with the backdrop of a glorious Caribbean sunset at the most famous oceanside venue in the Cayman Islands. Known for many years as the Cayman Islands’ “King of Romance”, Eugenio enthralls guests with the soothing and gentle sounds of the harp while they enjoy the very best of fine dining in the Cayman Islands.





Salsa Tuesday

Salsa Tuesday:

It’s back! And it’s time to shake off the listlessness with some steamy salsa under the expert guidance of our resident expert Quiana. Every Tuesday starting at 9:30 pm, Quiana offers free, instructor-led salsa lessons and shows you how to get the hips gyrating and the toes twinkling. Then the dance floor opens up, and everyone struts their stuff, sharing their passion for the Caribbean’s own Afro-Latino dance style while getting an energetic aerobic workout to get the blood and the excitement pumping.


Tarpon Feeding

Tarpon Feeding:

A perennial favorite, the nightly tarpon feeding, takes place at 7 pm and 9 pm. For many visitors, notably the kids, the highlight of a Cayman Islands cuisine experience is the feeding of The Wharf’s resident Indo-Pacific tarpon that gather in the shallow water surrounding this famous Grand Cayman restaurant. These large fish, anywhere from 80 pounds up to 200 pounds, are habituated to being fed by humans and turn up regularly as clockwork in large numbers just before feeding times.




Boogie Nights

Boogie Nights:

The boogie is back! One of the most popular Grand Cayman events is The Wharf’s retro old-school 70s and 80s disco on the last Friday of every month. DJ Natural 345 of One World DJs is in charge of the turntables, and the requests come thick and fast. Hardcore fans of this long-standing event put great effort into recreating a smorgasbord of retro fashion styles – from 70 glam rock to 80s new romantics. Prizes are given for the best costumes and most dazzling dance moves, making Boogie Nights Grand Cayman’s themed event of the month and something you won’t want to pass up.

Events at The Wharf are very popular, so a reservation is a must. Located on West Bay Road at the end of Seven Mile Beach, The Wharf is right in the center of Grand Cayman’s after-dark action. Call + (345)-949-2231 or email info to make your reservation.

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