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10 Ways To Enjoy Christmas Holidays In The Cayman Islands

10 Ways To Enjoy Christmas Holidays in the Cayman Islands

10 Ways To Enjoy Christmas Holidays in the Cayman Islands

DEC 06 2021

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word - Christmas? I am sure you think about snow, ice-skating, reindeer, mistletoe, and colorful Xmas trees. The Cayman Islands might not have snow, but the way we celebrate Christmas will amaze you to no end.

To make this Christmas unforgettable, there are endless traditional and other rollicking activities that you & your family can indulge in. Whether eating out at one of the best waterfront restaurants in Cayman, visiting the church, enjoying music events, or just spending time with family, one can never run out of things to do in the Cayman Islands.

Now that I have sparked your curiosity about Cayman Christmas, it is time to get into the details. Enough chitchatting; let’s get started.


Top 10 Activities For A Memorable Cayman Xmas 2021.

1. White Christmas - Celebrate Christmas in the traditional Cayman way. It has never snowed in Cayman, so how do the locals create the image of a snowy Christmas? They do it by backing sand - an old tradition where the whitest sand is collected from the pristine beaches and iron shore coastline in thatch baskets. 

The sand collected by the people is then taken to their backyard, where they create little piles, and it would be neatly spread out on Christmas eve. You can create attractive patterns with these sand piles and adorn them with brightly colored seashells. 

Also, you can decorate a cute, little Xmas tree with these colorful shells, handmade thatch, etc., which will add an enthralling touch to your yard.

2. Waterfront Dining - Food and natural beauty are what the Cayman Islands are famous for. Where do you find the best food in the Cayman Islands? There is no straight answer to this question. The sheer variety of street foods and fine dining options will leave you speechless.  

Die-hard food lovers would know about this gem - The Wharf Restaurant & Bar. They are in for a treat on 31st December 2021. The All INCLUSIVE New Year’s Eve dinner party at the Wharf will have food, booze, and pulsating music. Last year’s New Year Eve at the Wharf was a roaring success where retro music had everyone dancing like crazy.

As one would expect, people had the time of their lives & they were in no mood to leave. Admittedly, the DJ’s energy had rubbed off on the guests as if it were a full-fledged concert. 2021’s New Year Eve party is going to be no different. Only this time, the energy and excitement will be much greater than last year.

I know you can’t wait to hear about the delightful menu. Unlimited drinks await the alcohol lovers and others who want to have a good time. You can pick from an extensive selection of beers, white wines, red wines, well drinks, and rose wine. (no champagne) 

Champagne enthusiasts will have to proceed to the Laurent Perrier Rose Champagne Bar, where they can indulge in top-notch champagne at special prices. There will be a live food action station for a particular cuisine or food type. Starting from the entrees to the dessert, you will be spoilt for choice.

First, you will come across a massive, live food action station. Upon seeing the jaw-dropping food display, you will want to devour the food in an instant. The seafood display will consist of lip-smacking delicacies like Singaporean Seafood Laksa, Seared Scallops, and baked Snapper with Scotch Bonnet Soy dip.

No Cayman meal is complete without jerk preparations; you can’t miss the jerk spiced chicken kebabs with sweet potato hash and the braised beef short sliders. Other specialties include chicken liver plate, grilled truffled brie sandwich, and lobster rolls.

Smoky, tangy, and spicy meat & seafood dishes will cause an explosion of flavors in your mouth that no other dish can match.

Don’t think they left out the vegetarians because there will be a dazzling stir fry stand (Chef Yango) plus a wide assortment of salads and brioche bread. Wharf also has an extraordinary collection of Cayman wines to transport you to a different dimension.

Moving to the dessert section, you will find a vast assortment of goodies like cake popsicles, fruit skewers, cheesecakes, mini-donuts, chocolate cake, apple tart & napoleon.

Last but not least, a DJ will start playing funky music by 8:30 pm. Yes, it’s Boogie Nights. DJ Natural will play hits from the 60s, 70s, 80s, & 90s to make sure your feet keep moving till 2:30 am. Dancing to those funky tunes will help you burn some of the calories you consumed. 

Helpful tip - Arrive hungry at the venue and make the most of it. (sic)

3. Cinema Time With Family - Want to enjoy some quality time with family? Visit the Camana Bay cinema, which plays family classics that everyone can enjoy. Experience the brighter lights and softer sounds, especially for families. Tickets will be available for just $15 per person.

4. Hang Out at Rum Point - If you love solitude and the musical sound of waves hitting the seashore and fading away, consider hanging out at Rum Point. Yearning for something adventurous? Try water sports like snorkeling, swimming, or beach volleyball. Finish it off with a mudslide or a delicious rum cocktail.

5. Christmas Carols - Christmas without Christmas carols would be like stir-fried dishes without soy sauce. Two significant events in the Cayman Islands will help you revel in the festive spirit of Christmas. 

The first one is the Singing Christmas Tree, a popular singing event. However, it will not take place in 2021. The second one is the Christmas Carol Concert hosted by the Elmslie church. Singing enthusiasts can sing along with the Cayman National Choir and the Cayman National Orchestra to your favorite Xmas songs and carols. This event will be conducted on 7th and 9th December.

6. Santa Sightings - Be it any part of the world, Santa Claus will arrive to spread happiness and good wishes. Kids and adults both love Santa Claus. This year, you will be able to catch him at Kirk Freeport’s Christmas Bayshore event. You can find him there between 20th December and Christmas day. 

Don’t miss the Xmas event hosted by Kirk Freeport, where you will find a load of sweet treats, Christmas music, and unlimited entertainment. Make it a point to bring your kids to Kirk Freeport on Christmas eve to witness amusing face painters, balloon twisters, and magicians. 

Last but not the least, Kirk Freeport is a duty-free shopping zone where you can find a host of items like jewelry, watches, and designer clothing. Purchasing goods worth USD 100 and above will enter you in Kirk Freeport’s $40,000 sweepstakes.

7. Pink Ladies Annual Tea & Bazaar - Find several stores and endless entertainment at the Pink Ladies Annual Tea & Bazaar. All the proceeds are donated back to the community, thanks to the unrelenting support of many groups and organizations. Date - 27th Dec 2021.

8. Submarine Ride - Not a party animal or a social butterfly? Try something different then. For instance, the submarine ride in Grand Cayman will allow you to explore the deep waters without getting drenched. Enjoy the air-conditioned comfort inside the 50 feet long submarine & witness marvels like colorful corals and fish. 

Be it night or day, the 10,000-watt lights will highlight the colorful marine life and make you experience a world that you may have never experienced before.

9. Dart Family Park - You will find many public parks in the Cayman Islands with playground facilities, but Dart family park will surprise you with its offerings. Within the park premises lies the National Trust Visitors Centre, and it provides you with a detailed overview of the native trees & plants of the Cayman Islands. 

Your kids can indulge in fun-filled activities in the slides & climbing frames, secluded picnic spots, countless cabanas, and also an amphitheater. Many kids love playing at the iron shore tide pools, looking for crabs and critters.

10. Interactive Fountains - The interactive fountains at Jasmine Bay have something for all, no matter the age group. Young people can enjoy the soothing fountains and pleasing background while conversing with friends.

Toddlers and small children can play and admire the colorful fountains & lights while their parents can watch them, sitting on the bespoke bubble benches under the shady trees.


Final Thoughts

Christmas is the time to have a great time with friends and family. People from all walks of life can enjoy a fun-filled Christmas vacation in the Cayman Islands. There are a lot of activities for party lovers, family, and people who love solitude.

Shed all the anxiety, fear, & boredom and go out there to have a blast. The activities mentioned above are not the only things to do in the Cayman Islands. There is much more to do; all you need to do is explore it and meet like-minded people who can accompany you on glorious adventures.

Life is short, and there is a lot to do. Don’t waste time; make the most of your time in Cayman, especially during the holiday season. Sun, sand & jingle bells - make memories that will last a lifetime. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to everyone.

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