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Welcome to the Wharf Restaurant and Bar. After conclusion of the ongoing renovation you will have the options of the most ideal and thoroughly thought through seating arrangements. The Waterfront Deck seats up to 350 people and offers not only beach view and sunset view, but also lets you hear the sound of the gently crashing waves on the wall which is soothing and relaxing. 

The Chef has a fully updated kitchen out of which he proudly offers the freshest and most delicious creations the season has to offer for LUNCH and DINNER.  

The newly refurbished indoor bar caters to the fully renovated Indoor Dining Room which seats up to 130 people. The room is air conditioned, offers ocean view and the sound is completly balanced by accoustic buffers on the ceilings. The optimal venue when seeking an indoor room for your upcoming event. 

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The restaurant has a more of traditional seating arrangement with well-spaced tables giving a good view from the waterfront seating. We are considered to be the finest restaurant in the Cayman Islands with a grand waterfront view so much that the ambience adds to the extra hunger.
This Multi Purpose Conference Room seats up to 125 people and caters to your exact needs.

The room can be arranged to your preference while offering the latest technical attributes.

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Enjoy your most romantic dinner in your exclusively set up Cabana. The sound of the waves and the twinkle of the stars will add to this unforgettable experience...
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Welcome the the "Clemens Grotto" it is the new meeting and private dining room at the Wharf and offers AC, cable TV, seats up to 20 people on one long meeting table.

Inquire for details at 949 2231 or

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The Indoor Dining Room seats up to 130 people, its balance acoustic, brand new air - conditioning and indoor bar make it the perfect venue for your next event

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The Deck offers space for up to 350 people! Enjoy a beautiful Cocktail reception while witnessing most impeccable sunsets! The perfect start for your successful event!

Dinner is served nightly right on water's edge. Secure your waterfront table at 949 2231

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WELCOME to your new LUNCH HOT SPOT. Fixed installed fans and the gorgeous customized roof make it an easy decision when looking for a venue to enjoy a delicious lunch outdoors. October is approaching fast! Luncheons are about to become irresistible!

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The new inside bar is 100 percent customized and caters to the fully refurbished indoor dining room which seats up to 130 people.

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