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Date January 24, 2021
Time11:30 PM - 06:30 PM


Sunday, January 24th, 11.30 am 

The German Way of Shopping at 11.30 am! ... however in reality it is a traditional, German and Austrian equivalent of brunch, i.e. a combined breakfast and lunch. Meet your friends and family at around 11.30 am for some Weizen (wheat beer), Weißwurst (white sausage) with sweet mustard and Brezeln (pretzels) and eat, drink and chat.
MUSIC HAS BEEN SORTED OUT!   Expect traditional Music and a leisure, friendly and typical
german/austrian party atmosphere with traditional themed buffet setting!

"Anstich" is at 11.30 am with incredible Drink Specials!

Buffet Style: 35 CI plus gratuities (for food only)

This is an event for Young and Young at Heart!
949 2231


Location The Wharf
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Address43 West Bay Road, Grand Cayman,
PO Box 1555, KY1-1110

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